Ski & Snowboard the French Alps in Portes du Soleil

Les Portes du Soleil (which is French for Gateway to the Sun), is one of the major ski & snowboard destinations in the French Alps. It is actually one of the largest ski and snowboard areas on the planet, and it encompasses 13 resorts which are between Mont Blanc (in France) and the Lake Geneva (located in Switzerland), creating about 403 miles of skiing runs and lots of opportunities for various other winter sports. Thanks to over 200 lifts available and more than 250 slopes, this massive ski area can be enjoyed by tourists without any problems.

There are 4 boarder cross areas, 11 snow parks, and about 90 restaurants to choose from when out skiing in the mountains. Most of the ski resorts also offer incredible cross country ski tracks, and there are even alternative activities for people who don’t ski. This ski area is also famed for its’ summer season. In fact, vast improvements in the ski facilities, a more lively summer season and a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere have led to lots of foreign investments in the area; this has made Portes du Soleil one of the most popular areas in French Alps.

Each one of the ski resorts available in the Portes du Soleil offers a variety of pistes for different abilities of snowboarders and skiers. With a varied choice of amazing ski runs, Portes du Soleil offers skiers the opportunity to cross borders for a real skiing adventure in a truly incomparable setting. The slopes found in the French part are particularly ideal for beginners and families due to their easy and yet beautiful slopes.

Whatever your proficiency level, the Portes du Soleil will most certainly offer you total pleasure and freedom of skiing or snowboarding without frontiers. The variety and richness of the beautiful back bowls and the tree lined slopes is a paradise for all types of skiers, starting from the traditional skiers to the more demanding skiers, snowboarders and cross country skiers. Whether you like taking it easy, or you like pushing yourself to extreme limits, you’ll find a variety of amazing ski routes on varied terrains, where you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding. In other words, Portes du Soleil basically offers a skiing experience which appeals to skiers or snowboarders of all ages.

Best Time of Year To Visit

For skiers and snowboarders, the best time to visit is between December and April when the altitude guarantees adequate snow cover with the average of about 26 feet of snow.