Single in Bruges

Going on vacation solo can be liberating – there is no one to whose schedule you need to adapt, each decision is your own, and you don’t have to compromise on seeing just some of the sights just so your traveling companion can see those that they would rather see, too.

The Belgian town of Bruges (Brugge in Dutch, which is commonly spoken besides French) has a wide range of attractions that bring millions of visitors every year; here, you will find something for your singles getaway no matter where your interests lie. The steady flow of tourists and day trippers means that there is a lot of potential for striking up quick friendships if you like as well. Belgian chocolates are famous the world over and Bruges itself has over 50 chocolate houses. Of these, five even make their delicious masterpieces by hand on the premises. The best are located, unsurprisingly, on Chocolate Lane. Apart from the traditional concoctions that make you glad you are single so you don’t have to share, there are also chocolatiers that delve into the unknown with outlandish experiments like wasabi, Coca-Cola and Cuban cigar.

There are two reasons why art galleries are perfect for singles travel. One, you can linger as long as you like on pieces which really intrigue you or zip past any that you find mundane. Two, galleries are a great place to find other singles with exactly the same interests doing exactly the same thing; the cafes in the area are great meeting places. So, if art is your thing, the Groeningemuseum is the way to spend the day. While not the only celebrated art gallery in Bruges, it certainly is the most well known and most celebrated. Centuries-old masterpieces of the Flemish Primitive and Renaissance, surrealist canvases, and works influenced by cubism and German impressionism all await in the quiet rooms.

The city’s medieval architecture, wide canals, the cobbled streets, rows of quiet buildings all set together without space in between give it a very dreamy, faraway feel. Get off the tourist trail and explore on your own. The European summer months make for perfect weather but are also contribute to throngs of visitors. The winter months make for a more leisurely experience, so long as you don’t include Christmas time. If you are looking for a summer Bruges getaway, the middle of the week does get some respite from the crowds.