The Seabourn Encore

The Seabourn Encore is an exciting new cruise liner set to launch in December 2016. It is bound to be even more beautiful and innovative in its design compared to other Seabourn liners. Upon its launch it will be the crown of a new fleet of luxury cruise liners showcasing the highly acclaimed ultra-luxury segment. This liner will be part of the Seabourn family following in the footsteps of Seabourn Odyssey and Seabourn Encore.

Seabourn design and construction

This luxury cruise ship is still under construction and is expected to make its debut in December 2016. It will be larger than its predecessors and with an extra deck. The shipbuilding firm Fincantieri is still putting this liner together at its shipyard in Italy. The interiors and public spaces will be designed by the award winning luxury interior designer, Adam D. Tihany. He will focus on elegance and sheer luxury, making the Seabourn Encore one of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world.

The public areas will be expanded to ensure more space per passenger. Since passengers are expected to spend about a week on board the ship visiting some of the world’s top destinations, the interiors, including decor, furnishings and furniture will have to be totally luxurious and world class.

Amenities aboard the Seabourn

This particular Seabourn liner will have 300 luxury cabins, all suites with private balconies. Each cabin will be very spacious as part of the ship’s focus. Each cabin will feature mahogany sections and all-marble bathrooms. There will be a separate shower and bath tub, exclusive bath products all with latest, modern design and featuring amazing luxury.

Each suit has a walk-in closet, a bar and personal suit stewardess. The stewardess will attend to the needs of the traveler such as replenishing the bar, drawing bath water and so on. Penthouse suites are even more luxurious with a glass partitioning between bedroom and living room area.

Things to do on board the luxury liner

Guest aboard this luxury cruise ship can access the Show Lounge area any time. It is an amazing entertainment lounge with luxurious sitting areas. There will be shows each day with classical music, cooking lessons, comedians and the cabaret. Also available is a bar serving delicious cocktails with music and dancing. There are also plenty of outdoor activities such as water sports, kayaking, wind surf and so much more. The Seabourn Encore will travel to various destinations including cruises from Athens, Dubai, Istanbul, Sydney, Singapore and destinations to Africa, Asia, Mediterranean, South Pacific and the Middle East.