Tips for Saving on your Group Vacation

Whether it be for a business function or a family reunion, planning a group vacation isn’t easy. With so many different parts to book and so many people to consider, the entire process of figuring out where you are going and when you’re going can be a daunting task. When planning a group getaway, another thing to worry about is the price that you will have to pay. While the total cost of the trip may fit into some of the travelers budgets, for others it may be too expensive, so then you need to find a solution to fix this. If you are looking to plan and take a group vacation and want to be able to find the best prices possible, you can consider doing these things.

One of the easiest ways to save on group trips is to work with a travel agent. While big travel sites like Priceline and Expedia are good to book “easy” trips with your family or significant other, when it comes to large groups they aren’t very helpful. With a travel agent, you will have a person that is dedicated to the planning process of your trip and help make sure that everything gets done the way it should from things like making sure everyone pays on time and that all hotel rooms are booked. Another great reason to use a travel agent for your group vacation is because they can help you save. For most travel agencies, they provide some sort of extra discount for large groups and can sometimes get you wholesale prices. If you decide to work with a travel agent for your trip, make sure that you ask about this first, as some agencies may not offer this.

You can also save on your group travel by making sure that everyone stays at the same resort. While this is also a good idea to do as it will make the planning process easier, by everyone staying at the same resort you can save money. When large groups stay at one hotel, usually they offer better rates as it will help them with their occupancy and fill up empty rooms. On a recent trip to Punta Cana that I took with my family for a family reunion, all 30 of us stayed at the same resort and we were able to save on our package, since the rates were cheaper as a group.

Another thing to consider that can help you save on your group packages is to try and travel during the off season for the destination that you decide on. Again, though this may be difficult to do depending on how many people will be traveling, but if you can it could save you a lot of money. What can help you with this is to start the planning process early on, so that everyone that will be attending can see if they can take off during that time. The longer you wait to plan this trip, the more difficult it will be to plan and you will most likely have to pay more.