Tips to Save on Spring Break Vacations

With the end of February just weeks away, a lot of families are now in scramble mode to book their Spring Break vacations. Spring Break is one of the busiest seasons for travel as kids are out of school and they need something to do. Some of my favorite memories growing up were going on family vacations during Spring Break to places like Disneyland and New York and just spending quality time with them. Unless you booked your trip really early, one of the more difficult things about traveling during this time is finding great vacation deals. With the demand being so high, the longer you wait to book your travel, the more likely you will have to pay more. It also doesn’t help that the airlines and hotels know that you’re willing to pay more so they charge higher prices. If you’re still looking to plan your vacation for Spring Break and want to save, you can try to do these things.

One way you can save for your trip is to avoid popular destinations like Hawaii and Disneyworld. A lot of people will be traveling to these types of destinations, which means the prices will be much higher. You should consider other spots that are just as good but less popular as they are usually more affordable. Some destinations that I recommend that are great for families are Punta Cana and the Riviera Maya, as your dollar will stretch a lot further and you’ll most likely be able to find better pricing.

Another way you can save for your vacation is to consider booking an all inclusive package if possible. You’re already going to be paying a lot for your airfare and hotel so you need to find other ways to save. With all inclusive deals, you can usually save on food, drinks and activities at the resort you’re staying at. If you do decide to consider an all inclusive package, make sure that you read the packages carefully, as even though some packages might have a lower price, it may not be the best deal, as there’s the possibility that it doesn’t include certain activities you want to do.

You can also save on your Spring Break vacation by using your miles for your airfare. I know some, including myself, hate using their miles, but if there are no blackout dates, you should consider using them as the airfare is usually one of the most expensive things you’ll have to pay for. For your trip, you may also consider going grocery shopping once you arrive at the destination. For some destinations, the food is sometimes just as expensive as the entire hotel stay, especially if you have a large family. By going grocery shopping, you can stock up on essentials so you don’t have to worry about paying for things at a resort like $4 for a bottle of water.

Taking a Spring break family vacation isn’t easy with the stress of planning it and finding a deal that you can afford, but doing these things will help you out.