Ritz-Carlton Becomes First Luxury Hotel Brand to Offer Yacht Cruises

The Ritz Carlton company which operates over 90 luxury hotels, recently announced that it’ll become the first luxury hotelier to enter the cruising and yachting industry, with plans to actually launch three lavish yachts. Created by none other than Douglas Prothero (founder and former CEO of the Canadian Maritime Group), in partnership with Lars Clasen (a former president of the Aida Cruise lines); The Ritz Carlton brand will offer quality cruise services for all those looking for relaxed and luxurious cruising experiences. .

Named ‘The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection’, the first of the three luxury yachts is set to launch in the 4th quarter of the year 2019, and it distinguishes the renown hotelier as the only provider of unique, luxury accommodations both at sea and on land. They’ll cruise different destinations (depending on season). Some of the destinations include; Latin America, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Because of their small size, the yachts will be able to easily dock at numerous different locations which are not that accessible to mass market cruise lines. Some of these locations include; St. Barts, Cartagena and Portofino. With a quite relaxed pace which includes both daytime and overnight ports of call, the guests will get to enjoy a specially curated destination experience.

Each of the yachts measures about 690 ft, and accommodates up to 298 passengers. They’ll have 149 suites, each with a lovely private balcony, offering amazing ocean views. They will have two lavish penthouse suites with great interior finishes which have been designed by Ritz Carlton and Tillberg Design (a top Swedish design firm). The yachts will also feature great restaurants by Sven Elverfeld, (a top chef of 3 Michelin starred Aqua). Additionally, the yachts will have the Ritz Carlton Spa, a scenic lounge bar, and lots of exciting on board entertainment.

The Ritz Carlton Yachts Collection is designed to offer users a truly unique combination of luxury cruising and yachting, which will bring in a whole new way of superb luxury travel for those seeking to explore the world in a casually elegant, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, whilst enjoying top level personalized services.

This cruise line is not only targeting the luxury travelers who are familiar with Ritz Carlton brand, but also the new cruisers in the ever growing luxury cruises market. The on-board experience you will get, will reflect the unmatched level of customized services and the superb comfort which the Ritz Carlton brand is already synonymous with.

Reservations for the Ritz Carlton cruise experiences will start in the month of May, the year 2018.