How to Prepare for an Exotic Vacation

Exotic. Just the name sounds so full of promise, does it not? A whiff of the different, a break from the everyday, a taste of the unknown, all ripe for discovery.

Yes, that is indeed what exotic vacations promise. However, the savvy traveler also knows that exotic destination are faraway places, away from the the help you could easily turn to at home, and with different (sometimes inexplicable) ways of doing things. They also know that vacations and food can be exotic, but it is also a word that can be used with the word ‘disease’.

Here are four tips to help you come back with great memories and photos of all your planned and pre-planned adventures, and none of the nightmares.

  1. Read official travel advice – The government closely monitors the political and social situations around the world, particularly since terrorism has raised its ugly head. In fact, the U.S. government had warned of possible attacks in Turkey just prior to the Islamic State terror attack on New Year’s 2017 in that country. It only takes a few minutes – monitor the updates from the time you book your vacation.
  2. Get vaccinated – Many diseases that have been eradicated from your home country are well and alive in less developed nations the world over, particularly the ‘exotic’ ones. Some countries require you to have certain vaccinations before you enter. Your health insurance might not cover you for not taking precautions and you run the risk of large fees if you are forced to seek treatment there. One tiny prick can save weeks and even months of discomfort and pain, and massive medical bills. Speak to your doctor and get pricked.
  3. Get your meds – Whether you are on regular medication or just packing aspirin, load up at home. Medications for the same conditions differ between countries and they are not exactly alike. It is best to preclude any chance of a generic local aspirin giving you hives by packing your own mini med kit. Cover basic conditions like headache, diarrhea and nausea with medicine that you are familiar with and you should be fine.
  4. Read up about local culture – Too many people find out the hard way that behavior acceptable at home may not be overseas. Aside from the embarrassment that treading on local sentiments may cause, the world today is especially prone to perceived ‘lack of respect’ for innocuous blunders that could result in physical harm. Every country has a tourism website where they dedicate some words to inform visitors of how to act and interact amongst themselves in public as well as with locals. Be aware – it might save you a lot of hassle.

Your exotic destination piqued your interest because the experience promises to be so different from your everyday life. Follow these basics to get the most out of it and return with a mind stretched by the possibilities that exist in our lives every day.