Tips for Planning your Summer Vacation to Cancun

Summer is upon us which means kids are out of school and families are going on vacation. So far this year we’ve seen a large increase of travelers interested in visiting a beach destination with Cancun being one of the more popular spots. Cancun has always been known as one of the better spots in Mexico for a vacation with the great resorts located in the Hotel Zone as well being able to stretch your dollar a little further as compared to other destinations. If you are interested in possibly taking a Summer vacation to Cancun this year, you may consider doing these things to help make things easier.

Like I’ve mentioned many times before, when vacationing in any place in Mexico, try to go all inclusive as it will allow you to do more for less. I know I sound like a broken record, but with an all inclusive package you can save on your trip to Cancun as you can book your airfare, resort stay, meal plan and more for a discounted price. In Cancun, there are a lot of great resorts that include the Dreams Sands Cancun Resort & Spa and the IBEROSTAR Cancun that offer all inclusive packages and cater to your every needs to make sure you have a great trip. One of the reasons why I love all inclusive trips so much is because I don’t need to worry about paying for anything while I’m at my resort. In the long run, this helps me save and allows me to do other things, as I can now afford to do them.

Another tip for your Summer vacation to Cancun is to make sure you book your excursions and make your restaurant reservations as soon as you can. As you can imagine, a lot of people love to visit the beaches in Cancun and with this a lot of the activities and restaurants get booked up really quickly. On a recent trip my friend and her husband took, they wanted to do a particular activity and thought they would just book it at the front desk when they checked in. When she got to the resort and tried to make a reservation, some of the things she wanted to do were overbooked, so she ended up not doing the things she wanted to do. I know some people like to wait till the last minute, but once you know what you want to do, try to reserve your spot so you don’t have to worry about it.

Something that might seem like a no brainier, but is something that a lot of people don’t do is to make sure that you pack the right things that you need for your trip. One thing that I have noticed, especially from those who are visiting Cancun for the first time, is that all they pack are bikinis and other beach related clothing options. You should also consider packing some nice dress clothes, as well for dining at fine restaurants. If you decide to go all inclusive like I recommended, most resorts have some great steak houses and other fine dining and you don’t want to be walking in there in flip flops and shorts. Yes it is important to have your beach gear packed, but make sure you have options just in case something comes up.