Planning a stress free family Disney vacation

One of the more popular Summer vacation destinations for families is without a doubt Disney. Whether it being Disney World or Disneyland, families enjoy taking their vacations here. I remember when I was younger and how my parents used to take me almost every other Summer to Disney for a family vacation and how much I loved. I know my Dad on the other hand was sometimes not as much of a fan as it could get really hot and crowded at the parks. To make him happy my mom knew to get him one of Disney’s famous churro’s and he would be happy. For some families, I know that visiting a Disney park in the Summer can sometimes be stressful with the whole planning process and making sure your kids are good, but there are things that can help you avoid any potential stressful situations.

If you decide to visit a Disney park this Summer for a vacation, one of the more important things that I recommend you doing is making sure you spend some time planning it out. What I like to do to avoid some of the stress is working with a travel agency that can help handle everything for you. When you go on vacation to Disney, you not only have to worry about booking your airfare and hotel, but will either need to rent a car or get transfers to get out there and will also need to get your park tickets. With a travel agency, they take care of all of this for you so all you need to do is basically show up.

Sticking with the planning process, another thing that you can think about doing is working up a gameplan for when you get to the park. There may be certain rides that your kids will want to ride and with the park being so busy during the Summer months, it may help to create a priority list.  With a priority list in hand, you will be able to know which Fast Passes to get and which lines you will need to wait in. You should also think about downloading the Disney Parks app to your phone as it allows you to see the wait times at certain rides in the park.

For your trip, if you have infants or little ones, I recommend renting a stroller while at the park. The thing about Disney parks is that you can expect a lot of walking to get done and the little ones can get tired quickly. I remember one year we decided not to bring a stroller because we thought are daughter was big enough to handle and I remember her being very cranky during the day and me spending a lot of time carrying her from ride to ride, which wasn’t fun.

Another important thing that you should try to plan during the day is times to take a break and rest. You can do this in a lot of different ways which include making reservations at a sit down restaurant in the park where you can relax for a while. With the heat, the large crowds and the lines, it is very easy to start feeling stressed out. I know when you are at a Disney park you want to go go go, but take a break and relax some as well.

There really is nothing like taking a Disney vacation with your family and doing these things can help you avoid stress while on it.