Tips for planning a group vacation

One of the more fun types of trips you can take is a group vacation. There really is nothing like getting away from it all with your closest friends and family and just having fun with one another. I just recently got back from a group vacation where my entire family took all of our kids to Disneyland. We all stayed at the same hotel and the trip was just non stop fun. Even though this trip was more tailored for the kids, it seemed like the adults had more fun as we really don’t get to see each other as much and this was one of the first times in a long time that we’ve all been together. If you are looking to plan a group getaway with friends and family, doing these things can help you.

For your group trip, one of the most important things that you will need to decide on is the destination. When you travel on your own, you can pretty much determine where you will go and not have to worry about anyone else’s feelings but when you travel with others it can be hard to decide on a spot. What you need to do is make sure that you pick out a spot where everyone will enjoy themselves. For example, if you are traveling with teens or kids, a place like Las Vegas wouldn’t be an appropriate spot. Another thing that you will have to figure out that will play a role in the destination you visit is the budget. If you don’t have a large budget, spots like Hawaii and Disneyland may not be the best places for you and you may need to consider other spots that offer similar things but are cheaper like Los Cabos.

When it comes to booking your airfare and resort, I highly recommend working with a travel agent. Most travel agencies, including our own, can not only find you better rates for your trip but usually provide you even more discounts when you book group travel packages. I know that some people like to handle the bookings on their own but this isn’t always the most cost effective way. Also when you book everyone’s travel packages with the same company, it is easier to keep track of everything since it is being all handled at one spot. You can’t even imagine how difficult and stressful it can be if there are problems and you have 5 different people calling different travel agencies to get things fixed. For where you stay, I also highly recommend that everyone stays at the same resort as again this make things easier. I know when there are a lot of people traveling it can be hard to select which resort to stay at but by staying at the same place it will make things simpler as well as making sure everyone gets to spend the most time with one another.

For getting the best prices on a group travel package, you should try to book your trip as soon as you can as the longer you wait, the higher the prices will be. The thing that you need to remember is that you are booking multiple rooms in a resort and with that some resorts get filled up quickly and there is the potential that everyone won’t get to stay at the same place. Also when planning your trip and your budget is really tight, try to avoid traveling during the peaks seasons if possible. I know this can be extremely difficult if you have kids since they have school but if this is the case, avoid flying on the weekends.

Going on a group vacation with your family can be a lot of fun and doing these things can help you out.