Tips for Planning a Girls Only Getaway

If there is one particular type of trip that I love going on, it has to be girls only getaways. Don’t get me wrong I love going on a family getaway, but with a girls only trip it allows me to spend some time with some of my best friends and reconnect with them. My last girls only trip was about a year ago and we visited Los Cabos where we spent most of our days either lounging around the pool or at the spa. In regards to planning a girls only getaway, it can be hard for some as there are so many people going on this trip who might want to do different things. If you’re looking to plan a girls only vacation and need some ideas and tips on what to do, these are some things that I recommend doing from my years of experience in planning them.

One of the more difficult things that you will have to do when it comes to planning this trip is figuring out where and when you will go. If you are traveling with a large amount of people, it can seem impossible to decide on the date. With there being so many people, you all have different schedules and may not be able to take off at the same time. When trying to figure out the date of your vacation, make sure everyone gets an equal say as you don’t want to try and force a date that works for you but may not work for others. Once you have figured out when you will be going, the next step is figuring out the destination. Again, make sure you hear everyone’s opinion on where you all want to go as you don’t want to exclude anyone. If you can’t come into an agreement on the destination, try to find a way to comprise and chose a place that offers things that everyone will enjoy.

Another suggestion that I have that can help make everyone going on this trip seem involved is taking turns on deciding which activities to do while on your vacation. Even though they may say that they don’t really care what they do on this trip, deep down inside they really do. What me and my girlfriends like to do for our trips is have everyone pick restaurants they want to tryout as well as activities they want to do and while on our trip, we try to do all of these things.

It is also important to make sure that you pick a resort that offers you the things you want to do while on your trip. I say this because a friend of mine went on one of these girls only getaways and when they booked their resort, they went for the cheapest priced one. When they got to the resort, they realized it didn’t have any place to eat as well as nothing being in walking distance from their resort. For booking your resort, make sure you do some research so you know that the one you are staying at is the right fit.

While on your trip, don’t be afraid to also step out side of your comfort zone and try different things. I’ve noticed for some of my friends who go on these types of vacations, they like to just hangout at the resort they are staying at and not really go out and explore the destination they’re visiting. I always recommend trying new things while on your trip, as it will allow you to experience things that you may never get the chance to again.

Going on a girls getaway is a lot of fun and doing these things can help you plan it.