Planning a Getaway to Huatulco

Huatulco is one of the most recent tourist development projects of Mexico and is likely to be looked upon as the best recreation zone of the country. It lies at a stretch of about 20 miles along the Pacific Coast, in the state of Oaxaca. Here, you will be able to find a number of fine rentals and accommodations all along the bays for your vacation. Some of the popular bays here are Bahia de Santa Cruz, Bahia Tangolunda and Bahia Chahue. At Huatulco, you will get almost everything you would want out of your trip – from sprawling golf courses to great restaurants, and a lot more. Huatulco could surely be the perfect spot for your beach getaway.

In Huatulco, there are certainly a lot of things that you can do. From wonderful explorations to fun filled water sports, there is always something to keep you busy. One popular activity that you could try out are the bay tours. Huatulco contains fascinating bays all around, and these tours will take you to explore the wonders that are lying unseen by you. You can also take part in different ecological tours, which include tours on horseback and rafting as well. There are plenty of water sports available for those looking to hit the water while on their trip as well. Jet skiing, kayaking, windsurfing and para-sailing are some of the many activities you can partake in. Fishing is another engaging sport available in Huatulco as well as scuba diving. If you’re interested in interacting with nature, there are jungle tours that take you on an expedition through the dense vegetation cover of Huatulco.

While on your vacation you can also visit some of the amazing towns around Huatulco where you can learn more about the culture and do some shopping. The best of these are the beach towns of Puerto Angel and Puerto Escondido. These have beautiful beaches, which are suitable for surfing and working on your tan.

The weather of Huatulco is strikingly diverse. In January, the town experiences moderately cool temperature of 73F with no rain. Almost identical weather conditions prevail in Huatulco in the month of February. March experiences a slight rise in temperature as it begins to get warmer for the Summer. Rainfall starts from mid June, although it is scanty during that month. From the month of July, heavy rainfall continues till the end of September. From October onwards, the rainfall starts decreasing and finally ceases towards the end of December. With this you can plan your vacation accordingly if you want to avoid some of the more rainy seasons.

When flying into Huatulco, you will most likely land at the Bahia de Huatulco airport. From there, taxis and other cabs are available, which will take you to the main hotel area, located at a distance of about 25 Km. from the airport.

In Huatulco, you will primarily get Oaxacan cuisine, which will surely satisfy your taste buds. The dishes are extremely delicious. The top Oaxacan food is Mole, which you can get to eat in about dozens of varieties. There are other popular dishes like wild boars, jerk beef enchiladas served with chilaquiles. The seafood as you can imagine with it being so close to the ocean is great as well. You can also try out the other exotic delicacies like grasshopper and iguana if you are feeling adventurous.

After you have had a sumptuous dinner at the fine restaurants of Huatulco, it is time for some unadulterated fun. The nightlife at Huatulco is amazing. There are bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy a fun night out.

Huatulco is a great spot for a vacation! If you are interested in visiting this destination in Mexico, make sure you contact us so we can help plan your trip!