Packing Tips for your next Vacation

When it comes to going on vacation, one thing that most people don’t look forward to doing is packing. For me I absolutely hate it and it doesn’t help that I’m not only packing my own bags but also my kids as well. Each time when we go on vacation, I need to make sure I do loads of laundry as well as making sure that I bring everything we need. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten to the destination and realized that we forgot to bring something. If you are anything like me and have problems packing for your vacations, trying to do these things might help you out.

To avoid forgetting to pack something you will need for your trip, you should consider creating a list of essentials for your trip. This is something that I’ve been doing lately and it has made the process of packing a lot easier. To help with this, there are some great iPad apps available that can help you create this list or you can simply use the notes app on your phone or tablet. What you should try to do is create a list of things you think you will need on your trip like sunscreen, flip flops or whatever else and then crossing it off your list as you add it to your suitcase.

With airlines now charging you to check-in your bags, you now need to be smart on how you pack your bag so you can avoid paying huge baggage fees. If you are looking to pack a lot and don’t have enough space to fit everything in it, you should think about rolling instead of folding. Folded clothes takes up more space as compared to rolling it and allows you to pack more. One other thing that I have recently tried that seems to work well is using those air suction bags that allows me to throw my clothes in it.

Another tip that can help you with your packing is to make sure you use your carry on wisely. Airlines still allow you to bring a carry on for free, not sure how long this will last though, so make sure you also pack them wisely. If you have traveled anywhere recently, you may have noticed some travelers bring carry on’s that look like suitcases as they are trying to pack everything they need for their trip in it to avoid paying airline baggage fees. If you don’t have enough space in your suitcase for everything, you could think about using your carry on for some of it.

A final tip that can help you with your packing is to make sure you double check everything. What I like to do to make sure that I packed the right things for our trip is to look at the weather of the destination we’re visiting. By doing this I will make sure that I have the right things packed for our trip and there won’t be any surprises. Also you will want to double check that everything else you needed is packed as you don’t want to pay for these things when you get to your destination.