Over-The-Top Gifts

Over-The-Top Gifts for People Who Love Travel

There are some gifts money can’t buy—then there are gifts only a lot of money can buy.

Peruse our extravagant gift ideas for the wanderluster in your life, from luxury trips with eclectic lodging to designer luggage (with matching toilet paper), and every totally unnecessary travel accouterment in between. For glampers, skiers, collectors, and even the person who has everything, you can truly impress the people on your “nice list” this season if money means absolutely nothing to you.

  1. For The “Safety First” Person on Your List
    • What to get them: A sterling silver first aid box from Tiffany’s
    • What it costs: $600
    • We’ve all traveled with that person who always has bandages and ibuprofen on hand. Show them your appreciation for their foresight with this chic first aid box.
  2. For The Jet-Setter
    • What to get them: Around the World by Private Jet
    • What it costs: $150,000
    • From the breathtaking landscapes of Chile and New Zealand to the cultural heritage on display in Oman and Georgia, your small, expert-led group of 50 guests discovers a world of wonders, travelling on a customized private jet with fully lie-flat seats and enjoy five-star accommodations, unforgettable dining and the kind of insider access that no one does better than A&K.
  3. For The Glamper
    • What to get them: A Week for 2 at Aman-i-Khás
    • What it costs: $14,000
    • Situated in the famous Ranthambore National Park (just outside Jaipur), this 10-tent sanctuary brings the best man-made amenities to mother nature, including 20-foot canopy ceilings, air conditioning, and a stand-alone shower and tub. When you’re not lounging in your sweet “room,” you’ll be out with guides tracking tigers (this is the best place to spot these beasts in the wild), leopards, hyenas, crocodiles, antelope, deer, and more. Best time to visit: October to March is ideal for wildlife viewing, particularly for bird watching.
  4. For The Shopper
    • What to get them: A Week in Singapore for the Great Singapore Sale 2019
    • What it costs: 6 Nights at: Four Seasons Hotel Singapore (0.3 miles, $2400), The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia (2.3 miles, $4000) + $$ for shopping of course.
    • Whether you are after clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery or home wares, you will be able to find what you are looking for at the Great Singapore Sale.
  5. For The Person Who Has Everything
    • What to get them: Their own island
    • What it costs: $2 Million
    • Round Island Lighthouse Michigan. The 7-acre island is a nature preservationists’ dream with its huge bird population.

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