How NOT to Gain Weight on an All-Inclusive Vacation

You spent all that time and effort (both in the gym and in front of the mirror) to get in shape for your vacation. The last thing you want is to squander it all over a few weeks. Unfortunately for your resolve, the temptation at an all-inclusive resort can be as powerful as it is relentless. It’s not all doom and gloom – here are 5 simple steps to minimizing any weight gain on your all-inclusive vacation.

  1. Watch the food. – No, not literally – that’s just asking for trouble. Hey, it’s holiday time but try to get value for money by using each and every facility and activity the resort has on offer instead of just through the buffet table. When you do feel hungry, there are dishes just as delicious which have higher protein than carb content. Try to opt for them whenever possible.
  2. Watch the alcohol. – Alcohol doesn’t just deliver your fitness efforts a blow, it packs a three-punch killer combo. Firstly, the calories in your drinks, especially if you are having sugary sweet ones, will wreak havoc on your system. Secondly, alcohol has been proven to decelerate the body’s ability to burn fat and even stop it altogether. Lastly, it dissuades you from engaging in exercise. All those plans for indulging yourself, then burning it all of at the resort gym are going to fly right out the window.
  3. Study geography. – Of the resort. All-inclusives usually have snack bars set up apart from the dining halls and bars, and every time you pass one, it can be hard to resist the temptation to pick a little something up. These calories all add up silently. Once you know where they are and which ones will tempt you the most, plan your route from one point to another around them. Hey, the longer walk won’t hurt either.
  4. Get to bed. – It is usually inevitable that your daily routine will sail right out the window when you are on vacation. You are more likely to both wake and go to bed later. As fun as this might be, an erratic sleep schedule plays havoc with the body system and leads to retention of a larger percentage of calories. There is no need to follow your usual wake-at-5 schedule, but try to make the most of the day and limit the number of late night parties if you can.
  5. Get out there. – Slide onto the dance floor, dive into the pool, take a plunge beneath the waves for a scuba adventure. Basically, don’t just sit there and watch people having fun. It’s your vacation – vacate that seat, meet, mingle, laugh, enjoy and send us some snaps of yourself having the time of your life. Your body will thank you for it.