Nightlife in Mexico

From Cancun to Los Cabos, if there is one thing that Mexico is known for it is the nightlife. In Mexico you can have as much fun at night as you do during the day! Here you’ll find bars and lounges, dance clubs and lounges where you can party indoors at night. Go out and enjoy drinking and dinner cruises on the open water, getting a view of the coast that you couldn’t get otherwise.

Another thing you can do while on vacation in Mexico is checking out a volcano, where at night you can watch it erupt into a fiery lightshow and enjoy nature’s beauty from a safe distance; then dance the night away on the beach with the earth rumbling beneath your feet. If you’re staying at one of the great vacation resorts in Mexico, you’ll be able to check out their night time activities like watching movies outside under the stars. Another thing you want to check out are the resort casinos and nightclubs; in the casinos you can catch a dinner and a show, gamble and just enjoy yourself. In the nightclubs you can dance and drink for free when you have an all inclusive package.

An activity you can tryout in Mexico at night is going on a tour. Depending on where you stay in Mexico, you’ll have many different tours to choose from. In central Mexico, you’ll be able to go on pyramid tours; at the major complex near Mexico City you’ll be able to see light shows several times a month at night, as well as check out raves and other kinds of dance parties. Be sure to clean up after yourself or you might get a fine.

If you’re near an eco-park (you most likely are if you’re staying at a Mexican vacation resort), they’ll have tours at night where you can go swimming in the lagoons, night time bird watching and exploration. If you’re in the volcano zones, you’ll be able to take a helicopter ride over the volcano and get a fantastical view from up above.

Mexico is also very popular for it clubs and is definitely something you will want to checkout if you’re in to dancing the night away. In Mexico if  you want to go dancing or just go jump up in a club, you’ll find them everywhere! You’ll find tons of rock, hip hop and reggae clubs, but you’ll also find Salsa and Merengue clubs to try out too. If you don’t know how to do the Salsa, you’ll find many different instructors that will teach you in an afternoon what you need to enjoy yourself for the rest of your life! Merengue is like Salsa but with a more Caribbean flair, so check it out and see how much fun you can have with it. Live entertainment is a big thing in Mexico, and you’ll find most venues either have live DJs or a band playing. This really gives you an authentic experience, so get out there and enjoy yourself with dancing and drinking all night long!

When you’re looking for the best nightlife in Mexico, you can always hit your resort first to save money; here you’ll be able to indulge in colorful drinks that never go empty, and dance with beautiful friendly people that keep the night interesting. Go out and see what the live music scene has in store, and go on a dinner or drinks cruise. While vacationing in Mexico, you will never worry about finding something fun to tryout!