Nightlife in Costa Rica

If you are looking to visit a tropical paradise, then look no further than Costa Rica. Known as a beautiful beach destination, Costa Rica is also known for some great nightlife. Nightlife in Costa Rica is truly the best in the Caribbean! Here you’ve got the glitz of casino life with dinner and a show, gambling, restaurants and fantastic clubs, and then you have booze cruises and dinner tours right out there on the water. Go outside at night and explore the jungles with flashlights, or go an enjoy the beauty of nature with one of the world’s most active volcanoes! Go on club tours around the island, partying in Salsa bars and some of the hottest places you can find on the island. Dance until dawn at a beach part with a big bonfire, and feel the earth rumble beneath your feet to the rhythm of the music. Nightlife in Costa Rica is fantastic, and you can always find something that appeals to you!

Get Lucky

The casinos here in Costa Rica are a blast. Here you’ll find a wide range of games like black jack, slots, roulette and poker; the tables are spacious, the drinks come free and you’ll never find any dirty tricks up the dealers’ sleeves. If gambling isn’t your thing, check out the live cabaret acts like cancan, Vegas style shows, acrobats and more. Eat at the great restaurants and then go party in the casino nightclubs with their colorful drinks and an ambiance that will keep you going all night long. You can always test your luck one way or another here in the casinos, but nightlife doesn’t end here!

Nightlife at Costa Rica Resorts

When you a guest of an all inclusive resort, you’ll be able to party for free and enjoy premium beverages all a part of your package! You don’t have to spend a fortune to party like a rock star in Costa Rica; as long as you party in the resort, you won’t have to pay extra. Many of the resort nightclubs will run theme nights so you’ll never have to face the same scene every night. If you want to get outside the resorts to party, you’ll want to get out around the resort areas and branch out every night to see a new section. You can take pub crawls to explore the island better, and that way you can avoid crappy clubs and still have a great time meeting new people.

Take a Tour

Tours in Costa Rica at night aren’t just pub crawls; here you can enjoy the night of museums, watch the volcano erupt and go on a dinner or drinking cruise out on the water for a few hours with live entertainment and lively company. It’s one of the few ways short of getting up in the air that you can see all of Costa Rica and watch the lava crash into the ocean.

Nightlife in Costa Rica is vibrant, fun and sometimes a little strange! Here you can watch acrobats perform on stage, take dinner tours and go explore casinos, and enjoy the glitz and glam of the clubs that wrap around the coast. You can have everything you want from nightlife, and even some things you didn’t know about!