Most Expensive and Affordable Beach Destinations

With Summer only being in a matter of weeks, there will be a lot of people going on vacation with some visiting beach destinations. For my own vacations, there is nothing I love more than visiting a beach as I get to soak in some great tropical weather as well as put my feet in the sand and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It seems that a lot of other travelers also enjoy doing these types of things as well as prices for some beach destinations aren’t cheap due to demand being so high. For the most popular beach destinations in the world, I thought I would break down which ones were more expensive as compared to others as well as ones where there is a better chance to find a good deal.

Most Expensive Beach Destination

Let’s start off with the bad news and take a look at the beach destination that usually has the highest travel prices. This beach spot is none other than Hawaii. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is home to many different islands with many vacationers visiting Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island every year. One of the reasons why it is expensive to visit Hawaii is due to the distance to get there. Unlike other beach spots, it will most likely take you at least a 5 hour plane ride if you are coming from the West Coast to get here, which means your airfare will cost much more.

Another reason why Hawaii is so expensive is due to the demand. A majority of the travelers that come to Hawaii come from Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China who are willing to pay a premium for their stay. With this the per night room rates at resorts in Hawaii are going up as there is a huge demand for them. In a recent report for Hawaii hotels for the first quarter of 2013, it stated that Hawaii hotels had a record year in terms of revenue due to the fact that room rates are going up and the occupancy rate is up as well. For people wanting to take a vacation to Hawaii at a decent price, the cheapest island to visit is Oahu as the room rates are lower and the airfare will cost less as the main international airport is located here. The most expensive Hawaiian island to visit is Maui as the per night room rates here are the most expensive.

Most Affordable Beach Destinations

Now that we go the most expensive destination out of the way, lets take a look at some places that are more affordable. If you are looking to visit a beach spot and are on a budget, then you should consider looking at the Caribbean and Mexico. With both places, it is easier to get to as they are closer as compared to Hawaii and both spots offer great deals on packages that can help you save.

For the Caribbean, one of the great things that I love about traveling here are the great deals on all inclusive travel packages. With these types of deals, not only do I save on my resort stay but I also save on food, drinks, activities and more. For traveling to the Caribbean though, there are some islands that may be cheaper than others. These islands, which include Jamaica, offer more flights to the destination, which means the prices are lower since the supply is greater. Some islands in the Caribbean only offer a couple of flights a day and with this there is the chance that the prices might be more expensive.

In regards to Mexico, just like the Caribbean they offer all inclusive packages that will allow you to save for your trip. Some of the more popular vacation spots in Mexico include Cancun, Los Cabos and Riviera Maya with each offering its own unique flavor. For me, Mexico is one of my more favorite places to visit as it offers so many things to do for a great price.

For your vacation to a beach destination, you need to figure out exactly what you want from it and if you are looking for the best price, than Mexico and the Caribbean may be the best options for you.