Is Manzanillo the Right Spot for my Vacation?

Palm trees lining the coastal strip that stretches for miles, mountains covered with dense vegetation which abruptly plunges into the sea, vast stretches of beautiful beaches that await your presence – these are all you can find in the Pacific Coast of Mexico. There are three primary coastal resort towns along the coast of Mexican Riviera – Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo and Mazatlan. Manzanillo comprises two parts – the Santiago Peninsula, which houses the resort area, and the commercial region downtown, as well as to the south. Although Manzanillo preserves the homely, laid-back Mexican atmosphere, it is actually a busy port town with many taking their vacations here.


Manzanillo is accessible by both airways as well as roadways. You can board a flight from USA which will take you directly to Manzanillo, or fly from other Mexican places like Mazatlan. Buses are also available from Mexico City up to Manzanillo; however, the journey will take about 20 hours. For getting around Manzanillo, there are plenty of travel options available for visitors. Cabs and private taxis are always there to take you around.


Manzanillo experiences comfortable climatic conditions throughout the year and is the reason why so many people love taking vacations here. The rainy season usually occurs between May and October. The rainfall brings down the temperature to a great extent so it can get a little chilly. During September, the highest humidity prevails as well as the heaviest rainfall in Manzanillo so this might be one month to avoid if you’re looking for blue sky’s and not to hot weather.


There are plenty of attractions in Manzanillo to do while on your trip. First of all, the town has a number of beautiful beaches for you to explore on foot that face the open Pacific Ocean. However, they have a great disadvantage – they are not very safe for you to swim. Apart from the vast stretches of beaches, there are lots of fun activities waiting for you in Manzanillo. Surfing is an extremely popular sport in Manzanillo. Scuba diving is also there for the visitors to take part in an underwater expedition. Sport fishing is also very popular in Manzanillo as you can reel in some of the biggest fishes in the world. You can also go on local boat tours from Manzanillo. If you are a keen birdwatcher, there is a great option for you as the coasts are marked by numerous lagoons, which serve as excellent spots for bird watching. Manzanillo is also home to amazing golf courses as well if you’re interested in playing a round of golf while on vacation.


Apparently, you might feel that Manzanillo lacks the pompous Mexican nightlife. But then, you might be mistaken. Manzanillo has an equally amazing nightlife as some of the other destinations in Mexico. As the sun sets into the western horizon and darkness creeps in, a completely different life comes into existence. Local parties are hosted at regular intervals by different hotels, where visitors can take part. This kind of party includes dinner, dancing and drinks at zero cost. There are many nightclubs on the Mexican coasts as well, where the visitors can readily enjoy themselves. Bars and restaurants provide the visitors with a different setting, packed with music, live performances and dancing.


If you think that Manzanillo is the ideal shopping center, you are wrong. But although it doesn’t let you buy exclusive items like the other Mexican towns, you can get locally made handicrafts. There is a main plaza and several local shops around it from where you can pick up fine articles of your need.

Manzanillo is an ideal vacation spot for family holidays as there are plenty of attractions for your liking. Every person that takes an all inclusive vacation here will find something that they will enjoy whether it be lounging on the beach or trying some of the water activities. If you are searching for a place where you will not have to face the hassle of the city life, Manzanillo can be the spot for you.