Magnificent Milan

Milan, Italy

For those seeking a travel destination rich with history, local culture, and sightseeing opportunities, there can be no better choice than Milan. This Italian city is the epicenter of the country’s commerce and the world’s fashion trends, and a visit there is to take a trip both back in time to the glories of past eras and to the future of fashionable expression. Culture, history, and exquisite dining all combine with a vibrant, cosmopolitan flair that ensures this city should be at the top of any potential destination.

Milan is an exceptionally easy city to reach, and getting there is a breeze. Taking advantage of Europe’s excellent rail system will land you downtown, or it’s easily accessible by air at one of the city’s two airports, Malpensa, and Linate. As winters tend to be cold and summers very hot and humid, the best time to visit is during spring and fall. These periods feature gentle sunshine and modest temperatures, with off-shore breezes providing for a pleasurable weather experience. You may want to consider bringing an umbrella for a spring visit, although this is a worthy tradeoff from the summer’s humidity.

The centerpiece of any visit to Milan is the city’s Gothic architectural masterpiece, the Duomo. This 600-year old cathedral made of pink marble features spires rising to the sky and literally thousands of statues and stands guard over the city like a sentinel. For a truly historical experience, a visit to Milan wouldn’t be complete without gazing upon DaVinci’s famous mural The Last Supper. This iconic artistic piece can be found squirreled away at the Basilica di Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Another famous historical building, Castello Sforzesco, is an enduring tribute to the Sforza dynasty who ruled the city during Renaissance times.

Of course, no visitor to Milan would want to miss taking the fashion pulse of the world. The famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping center affords an opportunity to browse some of the globe’s premier fashions. And for those who truly want the utmost fashionable experience, Milan’s Fashion Week is one of the world’s largest events. Held semi-annually in both February/March and September/October, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse into the workings of the world of high fashion.

Fine dining experiences abound throughout the city, but for the wine connoisseur, Milan is heaven. As the home of Lombardy-region wine, several wine tasting excursions are available that will enrich your historical knowledge of Italian wines while exciting your palate.

Milan is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. From its mix of Gothic and religious history to fine wines, culinary delights, and fashion sensations, this Italian city is waiting to welcome you with an enthusiastic Ciao.

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