Luxury Experience: Drone My Trip

Have all your vacation photos and videos started to look the same? Has it come to the point that even with the background scenery, you cannot tell one vacation location from another? Even worse, do they look exactly like all the holiday shots that your friends share? We all have gigabytes of photos and videos but hardly any that are truly unique. What you need is a new way of taking photographs and video, a way of capturing huge vistas that look like scenes from a Hollywood movie that will blow away anyone who sets their eyes on them.

You need Drone My Trip.

If you thought a selfie stick helped you capture more of a scene, you will be amazed by what a drone hovering high above can do.  Imagine yourself trekking across vast green plains, trudging over undulating sand dunes, surveying the view from a craggy mountaintop or floating carefree in crystal clear shimmering ocean waters. Alone for miles around. Just the beautiful serenity of nature and you. Simply taking out your camera and considering the technicalities for the best shot for the place and time would break the enchantment of the moment. Drone My Trip takes care of that problem.

Imagine yourself at Bunol’s La Tomatina Festival in the sea of red revelry, or in India during Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, each time amongst thousands and thousands of fellow merrymakers. Would you rather lose yourself in the celebrations or be wondering if your camera is waterproof? Drone My Trip lets you capture the sense of wonder and enjoyment in its entirety. Our drone videography and photography experts let you live in the moment as they produce shots that capture the energy and electric vibes that manifest themselves when happiness spreads through a crowd of thousands.

How would a picture form a selfie stick capture the vastness of those experiences, the grandeur of the vistas, the enormity of the emotions? It simply cannot. No, you need a high perspective and the very best of imaging equipment for that. Drone My Trip gives you both, together with professional operators who understand what makes great, memorable shots that people talk about long after they see them.

When you return from your next trip, gather your friends and family around. This is going to be a vacation slideshow that they won’t want to miss.

Drone My Trip currently specializes in vacations in Latin America. The service is ideal for all sorts of vacations, including adventure-themed, historical discovery, leisure and weddings.