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Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises is a cruise line catering to those seeking an intimate, elegant yet casually sophisticated ocean-going experience. Windstar has a fleet of six sail-equipped vessels, to which they refer as yachts, each carrying between 150 and 300 guests. As their ships are significantly smaller than those of other cruise lines, they are able to travel to ports which are unable to handle extremely large vessels, and, therefore, they offer a much wider array of underserved locations unique to their brand. Each cruise is designed to capture the feel and romance of a sailing voyage, and their simple philosophy of visiting more hidden-away and obscure places in a luxurious but pared-down fashion is geared toward the discerning vacationer.

A voyage on a Windstar yacht is like no other. The smaller capacity of each ship fosters an air of friendship between shipmates, and activities are limited in scope in relation to other major cruise lines. Shipboard service is legendary, featuring exquisite dining showcasing local dishes, and passengers are attended to with a level of personal care unmatched in the industry. All shipboard dining is casual, doing away with the formality of dinners customary on regular cruise lines. The captain is always accessible on the bridge, which is open to passengers, and dinners are frequently served out on the deck underneath the stars.

Windstar prides itself on the fact that staterooms are less spacious than comparable cruise lines. Passengers are encouraged to get out and enjoy the companionship of others, relax on the open deck, take part in watersports or on shore excursions. Low-key relaxation is the name of the game with Windstar, allowing the sun, wind and nature to help pass the time rather than dozens of shipboard diversions. Even the entertainment is smaller and more intimate, with shows and acts tending more toward audience interactivity instead of offering large, Broadway-style productions.

The cruise line features a truly staggering array of destinations, and they take pride in the fact that their ships go where others can’t. Each itinerary is a finely-crafted travel experience, and between their fleet of yachts they virtually cover the globe. The Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and the South Pacific are all represented by Windstar, and they also feature epic ocean crossings. Imagine gliding into a small, tucked-away cove, or a majestic port, unsullied by titanic cruise ships and you’ll get the picture of the type of adventure Windstar offers.

For a cruise vacation that brings back the romance and camaraderie of the sea, Windstar Cruises’ iconic sailing yachts deliver on their promise. Elegance, luxury and an unrivaled commitment to guest satisfaction under the flapping of the sails makes a Windstar vacation a truly unique experience.

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