Activities to do with kids in Hawaii

If you were to create a list of the top beach vacation spots in the world, a large majority of the people would have Hawaii somewhere near the top of the list. Hawaii is home to many different islands from Maui to Kauai that offer not only great beaches and weather but also a lot of great things to tryout. The main Hawaiian island home to the states main airport and capital is Oahu. For those traveling with kids and are looking for a spot that offers a lot of fun activities that your kids will enjoy, then Oahu may be the best island for you.

The last time that I took a vacation to Hawaii, one activity that my kids really enjoyed doing was snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay is like a little cove where you can find thousands of fishes that swim right up to you. I must admit that it was absolutely amazing seeing all the different colors underwater and was amazed by how the fish just hung around and didn’t swim away like they do in other places. If your kids are interested in underwater life, this is a spot you have to checkout! My one recommendation to you if you decide to visit and have rented a car, get there early as the parking lot fills up very quickly and if you can’t get parking, expect to make a long trek uphill to get here.

Another fun place to visit with kids on Oahu is Sea Life Park. Sea Life Park is like a mini Sea World with different types of marine life and shows you can checkout. One exhibit that I found quite interesting when we visited was the wholphin, which is basically a false killer whale and a bottle nose dolphin in one.

A third activity that you can tryout that is fun for kids is Atlantis Submarine. Located in Waikiki, these submarines are similar in looks to the submarines you see at Disneyland but instead offer you the chance to see real underwater life. To get to the submarine you jump on a boat in Waikiki and it takes you to the middle of the ocean where you can then get on the submarine.  Once on the submarine, it takes you deep underwater where you can see all types of fishes that not only swim through coral but also some shipwrecks as well.

If you’re looking for an activity where you can learn about the Hawaiian culture as well as have a good time and eat some great food, I recommend checking out a luau. On Oahu there are a lot of great places where you can go to a luau that include Paradise Cove and the Polynesian Culture Center. (both are about a hours drive from Waikiki) At a luau there is a lot of different things your kids can do from trying out some hula dancing to watching them pull out the cooked pig from the ground. Also the food was absolutely amazing! We ate at a lot of different places while on our trip but nothing compared to the food from that luau we attended.

Hawaii is a fun spot for a family vacation due to the fact that there are so many different activities your kids can tryout besides just hanging out at the beach.