How to Find Airfare Deals in 2014

The big news last week in the travel industry was Delta entering in the wrong fares the day after Christmas and people being able to book flights for really cheap. A friend of mines heard about this issue on Twitter and was able to get on Delta’s website and book airfare to Hawaii for $90 per person before they could fix the problem. You would think with such a large error and Delta losing a lot of money on these airline seats they wouldn’t honor these prices but they will. If you weren’t able to get one of these great fares from Delta and want to take a vacation in 2014, you are going to have to try and do other things to find a great deal on airfare as prices have only been going up recently. If you want to find the best airfare deal for your future trip, these are some things you can consider doing:

When it comes to finding the best prices on airfare, it is always good to try and book it early. For me personally when I’m looking up airfares for travelers, I have always noticed that prices are cheaper for airfare that is a couple months in advance. For instance right now there are a lot of people booking their vacation packages for the Summer already because right now has the best prices and the longer you wait to book, the more likely the prices will go up. It all comes down to a simple supply and demand, early on there are a lot of seats available so prices are lower, as you get closer to the travel date there are less seats available so the airlines are able to markup the prices because they know there will be a demand for them.

Another thing that you can do that can help you save on your airfare for 2014 is to avoid peak travel days where the prices will be higher. If you have been on a lot of vacations, you know that in the beginning of the year, the busiest times to travel is during Spring Break as well as the Summer as this is when kids are out of school and families go on vacation. If you are able to travel during an off peak time like mid February to early March, there is a good chance that you will find a good deal. Also when booking your flights, you can also consider not booking them on Friday and Saturday as this is when a lot of people are traveling and with this it leads to higher prices. The best days to fly if you are looking for a deal is Monday to Thursday.

A third that you can do that might find you deals on your airfare for your trip is to use a travel agent. I know this might sound a little bias as we ourselves are travel agents, but working with a trained professional in helping travelers book their trips can help you save. When you try to book your package online with companies like Apple Vacations and Funjet Vacations, yes it is the easiest way to get pricing but that website can’t give you recommendations or listen to what you want to help you find the best price. Over the past 50 years, we have been helping customers find great deals on their vacations and can help you as well.

While it is unlikely that you will be able to find $90 roundtrip airfare to Hawaii like you could last week due to the Delta Airlines error, but with these simple tips you can still find a pretty good deal.