Going on a Foodcation

You know I have heard a lot of different types of vacations that people go on from your romantic getaway with your significant other or going on a Eco tour. Just this week though, when I was at a friends house for a birthday party, I heard of a trip type that I never knew existed.  This trip type is called a Foodcation (not sure if this is the actual name of it but this was the name given by my friend who is going on it). As I am sure you are able to guess, a Foodcation is basically going on a vacation to eat all types of food. When I first heard of this type of trip, it made me think that I myself went on quite a few Foodcations, because if there is one thing I enjoy doing while on vacation, it is eating. For planning these types of trips, I asked my friend for some tips on what you should do and she recommended these things.

One of the more important things when it comes to your Foodcation is the destination you decide on. This will play a huge role in types of foods you will eat. When deciding on a destination for your trip, it is important that you do a lot of research and figure out what types of foods you want to try out. Once you have this figure out, it will make planning your trip a lot easier. For the destination you are deciding on, there are quite a few things to consider. One is what types of restaurants are located in the area. If you are going on a Foodcation, you need to make sure there are places to eat as well as ones that interest you. You can try going online for places to consider or you could possibly as some of your friends and family who have visited the destination before for some recommendations.

Another thing that you should try to do early on is make reservations at the restaurants you want to try out. You are spending a lot of time researching into the places you want to eat at so it is important that you actually get to eat there. I know that on some of my own past trips I have tried to eat at place and there were no tables available. So if you are going on a foodcation, where you eat is important to be able to experience everything so make sure you make your reservations early on.

It is also important that when you go on your foodcation, you are not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. One of the great things I think about going on one of these types of trips is the ability to try out new foods that you can’t get at home. If you are afraid to eat certain things, I’m not sure how you can get the ultimate experience of one of these food vacations.

With me just learning about these types of trips, I’m already looking into booking one for myself as it sounds like a lot of fun!