Your Go-To Spring Break Packing List

Spring break is here with us again and the roads are just lying there waiting for you and your friends to start the adventurous journey. It is also more than likely that you have already picked some sunny destination where you intend to party like never before. Before you take off, it’s important that you have your go-to spring break packing list, which should include:

  • Swimsuit – For your spring break, it is recommended that you don’t pack anything less than three bathing suites. This is because such clothing usually takes more time to dry and no one wants to have to put on a damp suit. Another reason is that you will literally be living in your swimsuit, so it would help if you had one to wear while the other was being washed. Lastly, packing several swimsuits won’t do any harm considering that they take up hardly any space.
  • Cover-ups – Cover-ups and other kinds of outfits for the beach will also go a long way in making your trip more comfortable.
  • Flip-flops – Flip-flops are another spring break tradition.
  • Beach towels – Beach towels should also be on your list. It would be unwise for you to assume that the ones you find in the hotel will be sufficient or adequate. In most cases, they are usually dingy white things. The only exception to this item would be if you are sure that your hotel has a really nice pool area that comes with full-sized towels.
  • Warm clothing – You should also pack hoodies, sweaters, or some other form of warm attire. You may think that it will be hot all the time, but this would be a wrong assumption. It can sometimes get pretty cold in the evenings.
  • Going out attire – Make sure that you pack clothes for a night out. In fact, since spring usually lasts a week or so, you should probably pack several to wear on different occasions.
  • Sunblock – Sunblock is a must no matter how confident you are about your skins capabilities. The bottom line is that if you are going to a place where the sun is really strong, you will need to put on some sun-block.
  • Waterproof camera – Beach and pool, you wouldn’t want to get that phone wet, so bring a waterproof camera… and while you’re at it, take some underwater pics.