Foodies in Paris

Dubbed the city of light and Capital of Fashion Paris is the birthplace and holder of all glamour. Located in the north of France the city brims with historic and influential cultural realms that make it stand as the most beautiful and romantic city worldwide. Now who wouldn’t want a vacation here!

For many it’s the dream city for an ideal vacation cutting across art, fashion, heritage, designs and food. Food being our main interest, did you knows Paris is second after Tokyo in the highest number of Michelin restaurants worldwide? Now you know!

In France cooking food is considered an art and sport. Well, this is no news as France’s gastronomic is known worldwide making Culinary experience is one to be excited and look forward to. Chefs offer the finest cuisines in Michelin restaurants. They have culinary classes when they allow tourists and locals to explore various Parisian neighborhoods while you savor French wine, cheese and chocolate while enjoying the French cuisine cooking classes. Bon appetite!

While in class you get to learn the secret behind French’s cuisines what makes them some of the best variation there is? And also learn the French’s everyday cooking.

Apart from the one day cooking classes or on vacation classes. The city has schools that precisely teach culinary. Under the tutelage of international chefs, students learn secrets and art of French sauces. Additionally, they learn the Parisian culinary heritage including guides on who are the historical culinary enthusiasts and buffs.

The most famous historical culinary city described by Emile Zola as Le Ventre de Paris’ – the belly of Paris is Les Halles dating from the 12th century in which it was a marketplace. Patager du rior’ – is the magnificent Kitchen garden that you wouldn’t want to miss on your vacation. The kitchen garden was created for Louis XIV and how it revolutionized the French Cuisine and many more you would want to know.

Also, you cannot afford to miss where chocolate is sculpted in arts at Michel Chaudun. For chocolate lovers, there is a lot to experience in Paris when it comes to the art of chocolate making.

And remember there is etiquette protocol in purchasing and cutting cheese. But you will be well equipped after your tour, worry not!

In conclusion, Paris is the best place to be regarding culinary, with its rich food culture and tones of restaurants and ready chefs to show you how to’, expect the most from your vacation. You will not only experience culinary but a vast, rich culture as well, not forgetting the fashion and arts you will be exposed to.