Floating Arctic Hotel & Spa

Arctic Bath in Harads – Swedish Lapland

Inspired by the success of Treehotel the floating open air cold bath is planned on Luleriver to be situated downstream from the bridges of Bodtraskfors. Arctic Bath will be a year round attraction, summertime free-floating and wintertime frozen on Luleriver. Activities include cold baths, different water activities, several saunas, spa treatments, reception, shop, lounge and restaurant.

The Arctic Bath is inspired by the timber floating era, where trees felled in local forests were transported down the river to be processed. The circular shape of Arctic Bath will house one spa treatment room, four saunas, an outside cold bath, a hot bath, outside and inside showers, and two dressing rooms for customers.

To complete the experience guests will also be able to stay overnight in one of the six hotel rooms that will also float, or be frozen into the ice, depending on the season. Each bedroom features huge windows, so you can take in all the beauty of Aurora Borealis from your toasty bed. Watching the spectacle that is the Northern LightsThe first guests should be able to stay overnight in the new floating hotel rooms and enjoy the Arctic Bath in early 2018.

The open center of the bath is designed for sunbathing, ice bathing and for those who wish to experience the Northern Lights or starry skies, with the plunge pool itself being kept at a refreshing 39.2F.

After you’ve dived into the pool you can warm up in any of the hotel’s four saunas or hop in a hot tub, or get even chillier by jumping in the freezing cold outside bath. Naturally, there are spa treatments. Lots of spa treatments: massages, facials, wraps.