Tips for Finding Cheap Vacation Packages

With us celebrating 50 years of being in business, we know a thing or two that can help travelers find and get cheap vacations. As compared to past years, going on vacation has become more expensive with airfare costing more due to oil prices, as well as hotels charging more. There are however things that you can still do when planning and booking your vacation that can save you money. If you are looking to take a vacation to a beach destination and want to find a good price, doing these things can help you find discounts and deals.

One of the first things travelers need to do when planning their vacation is figuring out where they want to go. When deciding on which beach destination to visit, the spot you chose will have an affect on what you pay for your trip. If you decide you want to visit a place like Hawaii, you can expect to pay a lot more as the airfare and hotel alone will easily cost you over $1,500. If you want to visit a beach destination and find a cheap vacation package, I recommend picking one that is closer to your location as you will save on airfare. For instance if you live closer to the West Coast, I recommend destinations like Los Cabos and Cancun in Mexico and if you live closer to the East Coast, I recommend some of the islands in the Caribbean. Again if you’re not worried about how much you spend, places like Hawaii are great for a beach vacation, but if the cost matters than visiting a destination that is closer will help you save.

Another way that you can save and find a good deal for your trip is to consider booking all inclusive packages. We’ve talked about these types of deals before, but again this is a great way to save on your trip. With an all inclusive deal you don’t need to worry about paying for meals, drinks, entertainment and sometimes more at the resort you’re staying at as everything is prepaid. One of the most expensive things about going away on a vacation are the meals and with everything covered, you’ll save.

To save on your trip, you should try to plan and book it as soon as possible. The best travel deals are usually booked up quickly so the longer you wait to book, the more likely the prices will go up. When I book my own vacations, what I like to do is start planning it at least six months in advance and book my travel package as soon as everything is set. You can also find cheap deals by avoiding the busy travel seasons. I know this is difficult if you have kids, but by avoiding travel dates during Spring Break, the Summer and times near Christmas and New Years, you will save. If you do try to travel during an off peak time, you will find better deals that could save you hundreds. A final tip that can help you find a deal is using our travel search tool that allows you to easily search for prices from multiple travel companies at the same time. This will allow you to easily see the pricing from other discount travel agencies at the same time so you find the best price. A tip that you may consider when searching for prices is to try and avoid flying on the weekends. The prices are usually cheaper during the weekdays as a majority of travelers like to fly on the weekends so the prices are higher.

If you need help finding a travel deal, don’t forget to contact us as we’re here to help!