Finding Airfare Deals to Jamaica

Of all of the islands in the Caribbean, Jamaica has to be one of my favorite. Yeah I like the other great vacation destinations in the Caribbean like Punta Cana and Aruba, but there is just something about Jamaica that makes me want to always go back. In my life time, I have been lucky enough to visit Jamaica 4 times with each time being a blast. I think one of the reasons why I love Jamaica so much is the fact that there are so many different activities to tryout as well as great places to eat. To be able to do all of these things when visiting, you need to find ways to save in other places so you can afford to do it all. One great place where you can save some money is on your airfare to Jamaica.

When it comes to saving on your airfare for your trip, one of the best ways to save is the date of your travel. You would think that with Jamaica being a popular beach destination that people would be flocking here during the summer months, but this isn’t the case. In fact, some of the summer months are actually considered the off peak time, as this is hurricane season. I know most people would like to visit Jamaica during one of the peak times like the winter, but by flying out during a non busy time can help you save. Just recently I was looking at some pricing for airfare to Jamaica and I noticed there was close to a $200 per person difference. When you fly out will help you save.

You will also be able to save on your airfare by not flying on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Again these are the day that most people want to fly on so with the higher demand, it means the prices will be up. If you are able to fly during the middle of the week, you will most likely find lower rates on your airfare.

Another thing that you can do to help find you the best deal on your airfare is to work with a travel agent. I know I have mentioned this before in past posts and might be a little bias, but working with a travel agent when booking your Jamaica vacation can help you save and especially with your airfare. A travel agent can not only book your trip with your resort stay to help you save even more, but they can work around the times you want to travel to help you find the best rates. I know it is easier to go online and search for pricing for your trip, but if you want the best chances to save, I recommend working with a travel agent.

Going on a trip to Jamaica is a lot of fun and doing these things can help you save on it.