Tips for finding a great deal on airfare

For those that are beginning to look to plan their Summer vacation, one thing you may have noticed when searching for pricing is that airfare has steadily gone up. I just recently looked at the pricing to Hawaii for a future trip I was planning and was surprised by how high the prices were. I know Hawaii isn’t the best example when talking about airfare prices as it has always been expensive to fly there, but if you look at other popular vacation destinations as well, you might notice prices are higher. With the economy slowing coming back to life, more people are going on vacation which means the demand is up and airlines are able to charge more. If you are planning a trip in the near future and are looking for ways to save on your airfare, doing these things can help.

One of the first things that I always recommend to those looking to save on airfare is to book early. For those thinking that they’ll find last minute airfare deals, most of the time you will be out of like especially if you are traveling to a popular travel destination like New York or Hawaii. I recently needed to book some airfare a couple of weeks out from my departure date and I ended up paying a couple of hundred dollars more than what I would of paid if I booked it a couple of weeks earlier.

Another way you can find a great airfare deal and save is by not being afraid of flights that some might consider being a pain to take. These types of flights can include red eyes, early morning flights or ones with a lot of stopovers. Like I mentioned, not many people want to take these types of flights so there is a good chance that you will find a better deal. When I travel and see that the prices are expensive, I usually book flights that sometimes have as many as 3 stopovers as it allows me to save.

You can also save on your airfare by being flexible with your travel dates. The great thing about sites like Traveloni is that you can get pricing online and see what dates have better prices. Usually the more flexible you are, the more likely you will find a better deal. One tip to consider when figuring out which days to fly, it is usually best to travel from Monday to Thursday as the prices on the weekends are more.

A fourth idea and one that a lot of travelers may not consider is to not only shop around for pricing with the bigger online travel sites but also checking with some of the smaller travel companies as well. For some travelers, they automatically go to these “bigger” sites and begin searching with them and thinking that the prices they find there are the best. This isn’t always the case and I recommend searching with smaller travel agencies that specialize in the area you’re visiting as they could potentially have better rates.

Doing these simple things can help make sure that you find the best price for your airfare.