Finding 2014 Vacation Deals

With most families already back from their Summer vacations, some are beginning the process already of planning their vacations for 2014. When it comes to booking travel and being able to find the best deal, it is always best to book your trip early as the longer you wait, the more likely the prices will go up. The only problem with trying to book your 2014 vacation now is the fact that some travel companies might not have their rates yet and won’t be getting them for a couple months. There are however others that do have their pricing and these are somethings you can do to find a good deal for your trip.

When it comes to booking a vacation that is close to a year out, I highly recommend working with a travel agent. Yeah you can try to book online and hope to get the best pricing, but when you are booking a trip that is so far off, it could be best to work with a travel agent. When using a travel agent, you can go over different options for your trip as well as the type of resort you want to stay at and the activities you want to do. The nice thing about planning your trip so early is the fact that you aren’t rushed and go through many different options until you find the perfect trip for you.

Another way you can save on your 2014 vacation package is to go all inclusive. Again there is the possibility that the travel company you are working with might not have their rates in it yet but I always recommend if possible to book all inclusive vacations. For these types of packages, they are most popular in the Caribbean and Mexico and is a great way to save on your trip as everything from your resort stay to dining at restaurants on the property you are staying at is included in the price.

You can also find deals for your 2014 trip by making sure you travel to a destination during the off peak season. Again this goes back to working with a travel agent to help you find the best deals. A travel agent knows when the peak and off peak seasons are for popular vacation destinations and can help make sure that you book your trip during the time that can get you the best rate possible.

For saving on your airfare, one thing that you can try to do is using your miles. When you book your trip early, there is a better chance to avoid blackout dates and have the option to use your miles. I know on some recent trips that I have been on that I haven’t been able to use my miles because it was booked so last minute and the dates I wanted were blacked out.

If you are in the process of planning your vacation for 2014 and need some help, you can give us a call at (800) 510-5642 and one of our agents can help you plan the right trip for you.