Fantastic Family Vacations at Barceló Montelimar Beach

Enjoy a Fantastic Family Travel Experience at Barceló Montelimar Beach

Barcelo Montelimar Beach is situated on the Nicaraguan Pacific’s western coast. The stunning beach is forty-five miles away from Augusto International Airport and forty miles away from Managua, the capital. The awe-inspiring beach is surrounded by attractive, lush tropical vegetation where you and your loved ones can experience the best Pacific sunsets.

Why Would You Want To Have A Family Travel Experience Here?

Surrounded by undeveloped landscapes and farms, you and your family will have a chance to escape from the hassle and bustle of urban life and immerse yourself in the most profound relaxation. The expansive Barceló Montelimar beach was nature-created to take your breath away. More importantly, the beach is not overcrowded, making it your own private paradise. With swimming pools all over, this haven is what your family need to unwind. The inviting pools are ideal for lounging, relaxing, and swimming.

Your family will also benefit from a vast range of leisure activities, which include an excellent nightclub. If you’d love to gamble a little with your loved one, the onsite casino provides blackjack, poker, roulette, and slot. You can also enjoy an extensive program of entertainment and sporting activities. This beach is practically the best place for holding a grand wedding or a romantic honeymoon. It is also perfect for special family events and celebrations by the sea.

The stunning beach is an oasis perfect for escaping from your busy life. Let your family pull up the lounger and take in that relaxing scenic view. Attractive flowers, awe-striking palm trees, and beautiful lush greenery create that beachy bliss backdrop. Your photos are sure to sparkle!

This beach is off the beaten path, hence nightlife is scarce. Your family will, however, desire to get sufficient sleep anyway after all the exciting activities available all day. The remote location of the beach places your commute from the airport at around ninety minutes. Immersing your family into a new culture is undoubtedly one of the most engaging experiences.

When it comes to dining, let your family experience a vast variety of cuisines including a variety of fresh seafood, international flavors, tasty favs like Asian, Italian, and a broad array of sandwiches.


You and your family can enjoy sporty activities such as beach volleyball, mini golf, tennis, ping pong, and more. This beach has a mini golf course, tennis courts, as well as a gym. Day to day activities include water sports, dance, and aerobics classes.

Experience stunning views of the roaring sounds of ocean waves roll creating a picture-worthy dreamscape. If you’d rather sink your toes into the white sands, the beach is just a few barefoot steps away! In the absence of too many visitors lounging on the shores, it’s as if you’ve your own family oasis. You can visit Barceló Montelimar Beach at any time of the year.