Experience Luxury in Jerusalem

As legendary as King David himself, the King David Jerusalem Hotel commands as much respect and dominance as the biblical protagonist – at least as far as accommodations in the Israelite capital goes. Being one of the most outstanding and grandeur hotels in the world, the King David hotel befits its name by blending the best of both worlds – old civilisation and the starry-eyed modernity era. What’s more, superbly situated on elevated ground, the King David Jerusalem Hotel offers more than remarkable views of the domes, minarets and walls of the past, forgotten old city.

Dignified Private and Public Spaces

The King David Jerusalem Hotel is one of the few hotels around whose both public and private places evoke that strong sense of history, mystery and relaxation in such a playful way. The fabled hotel is modeled on a palatial European-designed construction background with touches of Middle-Eastern elegance.

Closer To The Old City Than You Think

Only 15-minutes away from the majestic King David Jerusalem Hotel is the Old City that is shrouded with all its splendor and beauty. The City is divided into four main quarters, i.e., Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Muslim. Now each of these quarters has its own rich history which all culminates in the King David Mausoleum.

A Major Landmark is a Unique Historic City

It’s obvious that when you visit a city such as Jerusalem, your main interest will revolve around the numerous holy places that the Biblical town offers. The Western Wall being one of the most sacred places, together with the Dome of the Rock are considered among the top four consecrated locations in the Muslim faith. On the other side of the spectrum, Christians can trace Jesus’ last few footsteps by following the trail through Via Dolorosa. This route which ends near the Church of Holy Sepulcher is said to be also the place where Jesus was finally crucified. All these world-famous locales share a common triangulation factor – the King David Jerusalem Hotel. This explains why this luxurious hotel should sit among your to stay places if you visit Israel.

Other than that, the Hotel’s vibe is by itself intriguing enough. The serene landscaped gardens that are inter-circled with pine trees and manicured loans make up the city’s most beautifully maintained resort. You can’t also ever go wrong with the sweeping vistas that form Jerusalem’s City Walls. If this still doesn’t appeal to you, the Royal and Presidential suites should do the magic.