Enjoy your Cruise to Cuba on Carnival

Preparing for a vacation to Cuba can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing the travel options. However, this no longer needs to be a problem since Carnival offers the best cruises to Cuba. Carnival understands the current economical challenges and offers affordable getaways that will ease your burden even as you enjoy your cruise more. Carnival to Cuba offers an all inclusive package right from lodging, fare, food, sightseeing and other on-board entertainment. Traveling to Cuba for a vacation no longer needs to be a hassle for plane tickets and hotel reservations. Your cruise experience offers you all these and gives you the change to enjoy the cruise all the way to Cuba.

Carnival to Cuba offers you unforgettable experiences of shore excursions that include stops in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos. The shipboard travels between ports are meant to give you enough time to relax by the pool while enjoying a Cuban cocktail class. You can also participate in dancing lessons and get to know more about Cuban music and dances. Through this cruise experience, you are bound to have a thoughtful cultural experience with your fellow travelers.

The Cuban cruise is no doubt a rare opportunity to learn more about the daily lives of the Cuban people and their exciting culture. Apart from these, you also get a rare chance to interact with musicians, artists, business owners and families who make up the Cuban society fabric. Through this engagement, you get to appreciate more the sounds and sights of their beautiful country, the French and Spanish colonial architecture, tall cathedrals and coastal fortresses. This will include the sight of the Cojimar shores, Ernest Hemingway’s favorite fishing village.

Each night, you will have the pleasure of returning to your cruise ship while all other details of getting from one location to another in Cuba are taken care of. The Carnival to Cuba offers you an opportunity to travel in a state of the art ship that simply becomes part of your vacation. Your journey will be a seven day travel without the sight of the large cities, polluted environment and the hustle of life. You have the options to book for an individual cruise or a family vacation. In fact, families with children will have an advantage since they will receive discounts on the pricing for their children. Get a cruise package that suits you and enjoy your vacation to Cuba.