Destination Attraction: Ocean Park Hong Kong

Education and Amusement at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a Chinese amusement park and a home to many diverse species of animals and marine mammals. Founded in 1977, the park has continued to expand and improve upon its original attractions since it opened almost forty years ago. Ocean Park strives not only to entertain children and families with its amusement and theme park attractions, but it also hopes to educate its guests on marine mammals and act as an advocate for wildlife conservancy and animal preservation.

Ocean Park is designed primarily for children and makes a great destination for a family vacation, but because it blends beautiful natural creatures with standard theme park attractions, it holds many opportunities that are fun for all ages. Ocean Park is a popular place and it gets busy during big tourist times such as summer and holiday seasons. The best time to visit the park is on a week day during fall or winter when most people are busy with school or work. It also helps to get to the park early in the morning before it opens to beat the crowds that come later in the day.

The shining star of Ocean Park that sets it apart from other theme or amusement parks is its housing of more than twelve thousand animals that viewers can get an up close look at while visiting the park. While the park primarily houses marine mammals, it also holds other species, including giant pandas, pygmy marmosets, and various endangered birds and butterflies.

Ocean Park is home to many exciting roller coasters and rides. It holds The Dragon, which is renowned as Hong Kong’s largest roller coaster and measures in at more than eight hundred meters of track. The park also includes smaller, fun attractions such as a ferris wheel, an arcade, and The Swing, which swings riders several feet into the air in a giant swinging gondola.

Ocean Park also offers several special shows that are scheduled throughout the day. One of their most popular shows is called Symbio!; it plays only at night and features abundant lighting and fireworks as it demonstrates a powerful message of how humans and animals can help each other through a story of two dragons. Emperors of the Sky is a show which features more than seventy species of birds held in the park, including eagles, vultures, and falcons.

Ocean Theatre is an educational show designed to teach viewers about the significance of marine conservation through a performance by the park’s marine mammals. Finally, Whisker’s Theatre is a show which gives viewers an in-depth look at the daily life of an Ocean Park sea lion.