Dominican Republic Nightlife

When it comes to fun islands in the Caribbean to visit for a vacation, you can’t go wrong with the Dominican Republic. We’ve already talked about some of the dining options as well as things to do while vacationing in the Dominican Republic but also thought we would talk about some of the nightlife activities as well.  I know that when I go on vacation, one of my favorite things to do is checking out some of the local nightlife as it is always a lot of fun.

In the Dominican Republic, you get all the perks of the Latin and Caribbean influences that have made this place one of the best spots to visit in all the islands! Some of the nightlife you enjoy are things like dinner and a show followed by a night of testing your luck in the casinos; get away from the beaten path on a bar crawl where you can find all the best clubs and bars to party in. Enjoy the nature that makes this island a hotbed for thousands of weekend explorers every year; go watch the volcanoes explode, explore the jungles in the dark with flashlights, and sit along the beaches and get a view of the stars from below in skies so dark you’ll hardly believe how many there are!

While on vacation here, testing your luck is as easy as getting out along the waterfront! Some of the all-inclusive resorts like Princess will have casinos inside, and here you won’t just gamble on roulette, poker and blackjack tables and slots; you can have dinner and live show, eat in a world class restaurant, or go clubbing in great clubs with glass dance floors and colorful drinks! Enjoy expansive gaming floors and free drinks while you gamble.

Exploring the natural beauty that this beautiful island has to offer at night is as easy as standing on your balcony. There are many different tours you can take at night, with resident experts who will take you through the jungle with flashlights and show you all the beautiful animals that only come out at night. If you want to see the volcanoes, you can head out to spots with guides and watch them from afar; you’ll feel the heat, the earth trembling beneath your feet, and watch as lava older than everything around you is spewed forth hundreds of feet into the air.

For some, one nightlife activity that they might enjoy doing are bar crawls. Going on bar crawls is an excellent way to get out there and see everything that the scene has to offer you. For a flat fee you get a drink in each bar and a tour of the best places to go; this will keep you from going down the wrong road or hitting bars with watered down drinks and bad reputations. Once you find a club you like, you can stay behind and have a good time on your own. If you’re looking for great clubs, most of them are within the resorts themselves; if you’re a guest you’ll be able to party and drink for free, if it’s another hotel that’s not your own you’ll have to pay a cover charge, which can be up to $45 in some cases, to go in. One thing you can try to do is ask local taxi drivers if they know where you can get a party pass, or a wristband that will give you a steep discount on all the major clubs in town for usually around $12-$20 a band.

So there you have, just some of the different nightlife activities you can tryout the next time you take a trip to the Dominican Republic.