Dining options in Mexico

When taking a vacation to Mexico, one thing you’ll surely enjoy is the food. Dining in Mexico isn’t limited to tacos and sopaipillas! Here you’ll find a delicious range of cuisines and meals that you’ll be mystified that they’re allowed to serve the alternative back home. Each part of Mexico will have its own specialties, and you’ll have to try them all. First up are the coastal regions; here you’ll be able to eat delectable seafood caught locally and so fresh you’ll never look at seafood the same way again. Eat Carne (beef) Asada, traditional Mexican dishes and even Pre-Hispanic dishes that have survived through time in Central Mexico and in Northern Mexico you’ll have Tex-Mex the way it was meant to be enjoyed. In the Southeastern part of Mexico you’ll find a more Caribbean and spicy feel to your food, as well as more seafood to enjoy! Around the resort areas food can get pricey in restaurants, but if you hunt around you’ll find some great gems that can be affordable or well worth the asking price!

Each village or area in Mexico will have its special dish that you need to try. You’ll want to ask for the Typico Platillo; this will be the house dish and they’ll know to give you REAL food that the locals enjoy and not yellow and green stuff they serve to tourists. If you have a friend with you who speaks Spanish you’ll want to have them help you out with the menu; they’ll often utilize all of the animal, meaning you can get brains, innards and even feet on your plate but prepared so elegantly you won’t be able to tell. If you don’t have a friend, look it up with your cellphone so you don’t accidentally eat something that you wouldn’t be able to keep down and eat something that is to much for you to handle.

Fine dining in Mexico is also something to consider when vacationing here! Get outside and walk along the waterfront and plaza areas in the resort town you’re visiting and you’ll instantly be confronted with a variety of choices that you will love! Eat French one night with rich crème desserts and sauces, and then eat some Latin-Asian fusion cuisine the next night. You’ll never have to worry about eating the same meal twice, as long as you keep getting out there and exploring what can be your next meal.

One of the best places to find gourmet dining are the resort hotels; if you’re the guest of an all inclusive resort, you won’t have to pay to eat! Enjoy great five star chefs and inventive meals that will keep you guessing (but not in the bad way). Many of the resorts will have more than one restaurant, so be sure to check them all out and the breakfast buffet if they have one!

When you’re looking for the best dining options in Mexico, you’ll want to first try out what the resort you’re staying in, and then gradually branch out to the traveled areas and then maybe a little further than that. Just explore your inner gourmand and give yourself free reign to get out there and enjoy everything Mexico has to offer your taste buds!