Dining in Costa Rica

We recently wrote about some nightlife activities you can do while vacationing in Costa Rica so we wanted to do a follow up post on another popular activity in Costa Rica. A couple of years ago I took a trip down to Costa Rica and without a doubt one of my favorite things was the food. I was only in Costa Rica for four days but I gained close to six pounds as it seemed like I was eating throughout the trip.

While vacationing in Costa Rica there are so many great things to eat from Ginger Tapas (sounds awful, but it’s FANTASTIC), real Mexican food with melted cheese and no milk, greasy sugary sopapillas, buttered lobster fresh off the grill, and more. You’ll also never have to worry about breaking the bank (unless you want something truly indulgent like a four course French or Italian meal in one of the expensive waterfront restaurants that just drip luxury) and you’re on vacation, so indulge! Eat locally sourced seafood and produce, splurge on an Argentinian steak and enjoy Jamaican jerk chicken with a Costa Rican flair.

No matter where you go, enjoying yourself on vacation is about the finer things in life! Why settle for a boring meal when you can have it all? If you’re in Costa Rica as part of an all inclusive resort package, you won’t have to pay extra to dine in the best restaurants at your resort as everything is included! Have delicious decadent meals prepared by five star chefs with great views and gourmet a la carte menus that have to be tasted to be believed. If you want to get out of the resort areas, you’ll be able to find tons of gourmet restaurants that serve up Caribbean, American, French, Italian and even authentic Chinese food here! Grano de Oro (eye of grain) offers up rich treats and multi-course American and French meals that are well worth the trip, in a beautiful quaint setting that’s great for dates. Nectar is a hotspot for high end seafood with a Spanish-Caribbean twist that shouldn’t be missed. Ask the concierge for restaurants outside that are good for splurging, and check online to find the best reviewed ones!

Costa Rica doesn’t exactly have a certain “taste”; here you’ll find a melting pot of cultures and not just a signature dish that sets the island apart from its cousins in the Caribbean. When you’re looking for an authentic taste that’s local and fresh, your first stop should be the open air grills. These give you everything you could ever hope for, with their catch of the day menus, great prices and inventive twists on everything from a hamburger to strawberry-rhubarb pie!

You’ll know you’re in a locally owned place when you notice a distinct lack of beef on the menu; while there are some cattle raised on the island it’s rather rare to find it on a local restaurant’s menu at a good price. You’ll find bill-fish, snapper, and the occasional flying fish imported but lobster is almost always on every menu! Look for fresh vegetables and fruits, and you’ll know you’ve found a place that’s local and delicious!