Dining ideas in the Dominican Republic

One of the more popular destinations for vacationers visiting the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic. Home to great beach destinations like Punta Cana and Cap Cana, the Dominican Republic offers travelers a lot of different things they can do while visiting. Another reason why people enjoy visiting here is because it has become a  culinary hotspot with all types of foods you can enjoy. On my last vacation here, I needed to make sure I signed up for a gym membership when I got back as I spent a lot of time eating and packing on some pounds.

While it’s an island and seafood is plentiful, you’ll have great choices for just about every food you can imagine! Sumptuous Argentinian steaks paired with the catch of the day to give you the best surf and turf you’ve ever had, or inventive fusion cuisine that pairs Asian and Afro-Caribbean. Why just settle for a sandwich when you can have pre-Hispanic dishes that show you what the Dominican Republic is all about! Enjoy resort restaurants with delicious gourmet a la carte dining where you can choose from a different taste of the world each meal! You’ll never eat the same meal twice in the Dominican Republic, and with all of the ways you can tantalize your taste buds, you’ll never want to!

Get Out to the Country

A unique experience in the Dominican Republic is the ability to drive out far into the country outside the touristy areas to little villages and eating lunch there. Here you can see what real Dominican life is like, and some places will let you spend the night too! It’s a good way to enjoy authentic Dominican dishes in a relaxed environment. We did this on our last trip and not only did we enjoy the great tasting food but the prices were so cheap. If you have the chance to do this, I highly recommend trying it.

Sumptuous Seafood

Being that the Dominican Republic is mostly surrounded by the ocean, you know that they’re going to have some great seafood. The seafood in the Dominican Republic is fresh and sweet, nothing like the stuff you’ve tasted back home. Never frozen, always spiced and cooked just the right way. You’ll find it in the open air grills where your lobster and fish are cooked right up in front of you, and you can enjoy broiled, fried, barbequed and more. Seafood might be considered a little decadent, but you’re on vacation so go ahead and indulge yourself! If you’re looking for something a little meatier, you’ll want to hit the Argentinian steakhouses that dot the island. Here you can enjoy good surf and turf, or just have a steak with fresh vegetables.

Resort Dining

Some of the best restaurants on the island are the resort restaurants! Never eat the same meal more than once, and get it all for free when you’re the guest of an all inclusive resort, which each popular destination has. Choose from delicious fusion restaurants that bring together all your favorite foods into something awesome, or enjoy a four course French meal with all the trimmings. Eat fantastic desserts with fresh crème and sweet fruits, decadent flambés and unique tastes that keep you guessing.

Eating out in the Dominican Republic will give you a true taste of the Caribbean with a Latin flair. Why just settle for some colorful drinks and spicy tacos when you can have all the best at your fingertips? Eat at the resorts and enjoy five star meals with generous portions and drinks that never go empty, or walk along the beach and enjoy fresh lobster in an open air grill. Eat sweet desserts rich with fruit, blending your favorite Continental (European) flavors with a little dash of the white beaches and sweet aromas that make this place special.