Top Destinations for Weekend Getaways

Whether it being for a girls only getaway or just a quick romantic trip with your significant other, there’s nothing like getting away for a weekend vacation. With the stresses of work and maybe having to take care of the kids, there may be times where you can’t have a full vacation but instead have a quick weekend trip. I know for me and my husband these are trips we love going on. It always us to have private time together but not be gone for too long so we can take care of the kids and other responsibilities. If you would like to take a weekend vacation, these are some destinations you might consider.

If you’re anything like me and want to visit a beach destination for your weekend getaway, some popular spots like Hawaii are not an option as it will take the whole weekend to fly there. Instead I would recommend considering a beach spot that is closer to you so the fly time is shorter. If you live on the west coast, one destination to consider for your trip is the Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is right next to another popular vacation spot in Cancun and offers a lot of fun activities you can do for the weekend with everything being close together. If you want to just lay out on a beach and not get bothered, the Riviera Maya has you covered. If you just want to eat and enjoy great dining and party the night away, the Riviera Maya has some of the best restaurants and nightclubs in Mexico.

A second beach destination to consider and one that is better for those living closer to the east coast is Jamaica. If you have never had the chance to visit this tropical island in the Caribbean before, you should consider it for your next weekend trip. One of the great things about visiting here are the resorts that offer all of the amenities you can ask for as well as having staff members that are very helpful. If your budget is small for your weekend vacation, you will also love the fact that most resorts in Jamaica are all inclusive meaning you get your resort stay, meals and more for a discounted price. The last weekend trip that I took to Jamaica, I must have gained 5 pounds from all the eating I did. If this happens to you as well on your trip here, just know that there are some great beaches in the area that are perfect for a run to work off some of the extra weight.

A third spot to consider for your getaway is Las Vegas. I mean really, is there anything more to say? It’s Vegas baby. Las Vegas is a great spot for a quick trip as there are a lot of flights from different areas and there are a lot of hotels to consider. One of the reasons why you’ll love a weekend Vegas trip is because you have the chance to enjoy everything it has to offer while hopefully not losing too much money gambling. I know for me personally that if I’m in Vegas for more than a couple of days, my bank account begins to dwindle very quickly.

Going on a weekend trip can be a lot of fun. When planning it though, make sure you pick the right destination that offers everything you want to do.