Destinations on the Rise: San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

San José del Cabo (which translates to Saint Joseph of the Cape), is located in southern Baja California Sur state, in Mexico. Together with the neighboring Cabo San Lucas, they form a major tourist destination for all kinds of travelers. According to Trip Advisor, San Jose del Cabo is the Number 1 world destination on the rise, beating 10 other places, including Brazil, Hawaii, Vancouver and India. The beauty and magic found in this colonial town that’s located about 20 miles from Cabo San Lucas, is what has earned it the top spot destination on the largest, most visited and important traveler’s platform online.

San José del Cabo is a quite, relaxed, peaceful and low key colonial town, that’s ideal for anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in cultural and traditional Mexico. Considered to be an authentic Mexican gem, this charming town will transport you to the ancient times without depriving you of the modern amenities. Here you’ll find hotels of all categories, some of the most interesting beaches and spectacular scenery. In addition to this, the downtown area of San Jose del Cabo boasts great historic architecture, like the 19th century city hall and 18th century Mision de San Jose del Cabo Anuiti.

Things To Do

  • Visit the Cathedral – Regardless of your particular religious affiliation, checking out the cathedral is a must when traveling to San José. Inside this magnificent church, you’ll get to see a center alter which has colorfully decorated stained glass windows on its’ walls on either side. This Catholic temple (founded by Franciscans) also features an amazing colonial architecture and it represents a reference point of the town.
  • Art District and Art Walk – You can visit the Art District, where you’ll get to see all kinds of artists showcasing their works in the art galleries. Well, you don’t really need to be an art collector or art fan to enjoy the art galleries; you can have fun strolling from one art gallery to another enjoying the human creativity.
  • Architecture – A great way to appreciate the unique and interesting history of San José, is by simply taking a stroll, and observing the incredible architecture of the buildings. Each of the apartment complexes and the series of buildings in this town are roughly of the same height and are painted bright colors.
  • Plaza Mijares – This is San Jose del Cabo’s’ main square, and also the heart of its’ activities. It’s an open space that’s surrounded by art stores, restaurants and many other fun spots to explore. This rather breezy plaza is shaded by beautiful old palm trees and it offers an easy access to the town’s parish (i.e San Jose Church), art galleries and more. A variety of local cultural events are also staged here.
  • Explore the Beaches – The beautiful beaches are among the main reason why many tourists visit San Jose del Cabo. The town is about one mile from the stunning sea. The desert geography contrasts with the imposing yet refreshing sea, surrounded by the rocky hills filled with cacti and a wide variety of desert vegetation.

Best Time of Year To Go

The best time of year to visit San Jose del Cabo is from the month of May to the month of June, when the winter time crowds have gone back home and the summer time storms have not yet hit. The months of October and November, are also good for a vacation, although you will need to start searching for your accommodation early if you wish to save some money.