Destinations on the Rise: Moscow, Russia

Moscow as one of the travel destinations on the rise, and it isn’t hard to see why it is growing in popularity. As the capital city of Russia, Moscow demonstrates the country’s amazing contrast with a mix of contemporary and ancient/historical sights. Moscow is a very lively city, which is full of places to visit and things to see, giving a tourist a lot of choice.

Things To Do in Moscow

  • Check Out The Kremlin – Kremlin can be best translated to mean a fortress inside a city. The Kremlin is one of the most historical sights of the city of Moscow. It’s the center of Russian state, the residence of President of Russia, and a cultural site. The Kremlin has a very fascinating history and is now well known for being an UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Today, the Kremlin is mostly utilized as a museum for both tourists and locals.
  • Explore Moscow’s Artistic Metro Stations – It’s well known that the city of Moscow has some of the most ornate and beautiful metro systems on the planet. The Moscow metro stations are famous for their architecture, and some stations known as underground Moscow palaces have become the main attraction sights. “Majakovskaya” is said to be one of the most magnificent metro stations.
  • Visit the State Tretyakov Gallery – This gallery was named after a collector by the name Pavel Tretyakov. The collector’s main intention was to turn the gallery into an art’s national museum as he collected numerous top works from all the top artists of that period; the gallery actually didn’t officially become built until 1904. Today, the gallery has over 130,000 exhibits, and it’s a wonder to behold.
  • Keep fit at Sokolniki Park – The park is located near downtown Moscow. Sokolniki Park is pretty huge and is ideal for long walks and skiing during winter season. It also has lots of many other attractions including an extreme sports zone, swimming pool with deck chairs, a great observatory, and winter ice skating rinks. The park even has free WiFi.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral – With its’ swirling onion domes and amazing red brick towers, this gloriously colorful cathedral is probably Russia’s most popular structure. Ivan the Terrible actually ordered its construction in order to celebrate the capture of Tatar strongholds of Kazan in the year 1552. This cathedral was designed with 8 chapels, each one of them representing successful assaults that were made on Kazan. There was a 9th chapel which was added later on to cover a grave of “Basil the Blessed,” whom this incredible cathedral owes its’ name.

Best Time of The Year to Visit Moscow

The best time of the year to visit Moscow is between April and May when temperatures are between 50’s – 60’s, there is some sunshine during the day, and the accommodation rates have not yet skyrocketed into peak ranges.

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