Destinations on the Rise: Jericoacoara, Brazil

In a world where luxury and technology are no longer as highly regarded as they once were, intrepid travelers are looking for a different sort of travel destination. They dream of an escape from the deceptive world of materialism, TV and Hollywood, seeking a return to the simplicity from which we have spent generations fleeing.

The promised land is Jericoacoara.

Located in Ceará, Brazil, Jericoacoara is simplicity and humility personified. You will not find street lights here, not because the city council is slacking but because they have prohibited it by law. There is pristine white sand on the beach… and almost as much on the streets. Oh, and those streets, they usually don’t have names so you will have to orient yourself using landmarks.

The unique experience at this one-of-a-kind tourism star begins even before you arrive, though, because it has intentionally been left isolated. There are no paved roads leading here, and visitors have to opt for humble buses and taxis even if they arrived in Brazil in first class plane cabins. In keeping with the unique character of the place, the services are not entirely regular or punctual.

It is said that Jericoacoara is home to more beauty by the sea than any other place in Brazil, which is such a tall claim to make that it is worth visiting simply to find out if there is merit to the statement.

Because Brazil lies on the eastern coast of the South American continent, the setting of the sun into the sea is a rare sight. You can watch the phenomenon in Jericoacoara, though, together with the crowd that gathers at the ‘Por-do-Sol’ (sunset) sand dune every evening.

Pedra Furada (The Arched Rock) is a popular Jericoacoara destination in its own right, but between June 15 and 30, the sun sets at a point aligned with the center of the arch and draws even larger crowds.

Water sports are one of the few areas where Jericoacoara does not mind embracing modern inventions. Windsurfing and kite-surfing are especially in demand, and the water offers ample challenge for advanced practitioners but also enough calm spots for novices. At the beach, you can also try your hand at Capoeira, the mixture of fight and dance synonymous with Brazil.

It would be ironic to have so much sand and no sand buggies –  fortunately, that is not the case. If you want to maintain the air of rustic charm, however, opt for horseback riding instead.  

Jericoacoara is typically hot and dry and there are no distinct seasons. The best time and weather to visit, especially since you will be walking on your own two feet a lot, is in the first half of the year.