Destinations on the Rise: Brighton, UK

Brighton is an English Channel Beach town that is less than an hours’ train ride from London. The railway line that connects London and Brighton was finished in 1841 and since then the town has served as popular getaway spot.

When you should visit

Brighton has a wonderful, all year-round program of cultural festivities, but May is the main month for such events.

Why you should go

  • Culture – To start off, there is the Brighton festival which will be celebrating 50 years and the Brighton Fringe, which will be marking its 10th anniversary. In addition to these, visitors can also take a tour of the Brighton Museum and Gallery.
  • Architecture – Brighton offers visitors with the opportunity to travel through the ages by exploring the city’s wealth of architectural beauties. It is particularly famous for the iconic Royal Pavilion and grand Regency crescents. Visitors can also marvel at the Sea Life Center’s Victorian design, relive the Edwardian era at Preston Manor, or take in views at the Brighton Pier.
  • Gastronomic – In case you didn’t know, English wine is quickly making a name for itself. In fact, last year Wimbledon managed to serve wine for the first time in the tournament’s entire history, and Sussex in Brighton is known to have largest number of it in the UK. Visitors can therefore take a trip to the countryside to see one of these picturesque vineyards, then take a relaxing drive back to the city to wine and dine in some of the independent restaurants serving English delicacies. In addition there are several foodie events held throughout the year, some of which include:
    • Vegefest – February
    • Foodies Festival – April
    • Fiery Foods Festival – September
    • Apple Day – October
  • Coast and Countryside – As a result of being known as a sea side city, Brighton is now home to the wonderful Paddle Round the Pier and March of the Mermaids festivals which are held in July.
  • Fitness fanatics – If you are a fitness fanatic, there is no need to worry because Brighton has you covered. There is the popular Brighton Marathon weekend in April, Heroes Run in May, Festival of Sport in June, and the New Brighton Triathlon and Sports and Fitness show in September.

The city is also close to the remarkable South Downs country side, which is just a short bus ride away. This is an ideal region for visitors to hike, picnic, go cycling, or simply relax. There are also several events that you can engage in, such as the Kite festival held in July, the London to Brighton off Road Bike Ride held in September, and the Shakedown music festival also held in September.