Destination wedding planning tips

For some couples planning their weddings, they no longer want to have that simple wedding at a chapel near their home and instead want to get away and have a destination wedding. Destination weddings have become more popular due to the simple fact that couples can have their special day at some place new. A friend of mines recently had her wedding in Hawaii and I was lucky enough to attend and it really was beautiful. She held the ceremony right on a beach in Maui at sunset and it was an amazing sight. If you are getting married and are thinking about having a destination wedding, these are some things you should try to think about.

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, one of the first things that you will need to try and figure out is how much you can spend. By figuring this out first, you will be able to better decide on the destination you will have it at. I know a lot of couples want to have their dream wedding at a place like Maui but this isn’t always an option as it is not affordable. With your budget, you need to look into places that you can afford because don’t forget you have other things you need to pay for such as your wedding dress and flowers. You don’t want to be using your entire budget on just the airfare and hotel your staying at.

For your big day, another thing that you will need to try and figure out is when you will have it. This is one of the more important things as it will not only affect how much you pay but also determine who can attend your wedding. If you have a tight budget, I recommend having your wedding during one of the off peak seasons as you will be able to save on your airfare and hotel. Another thing you should consider for deciding when you will have your wedding is the weather. If you want to have a beach wedding, make sure your wedding day isn’t during the rainy season as it could make things very difficult for you.

A third thing to think about is figuring out which vendors you will be working with. The simplest thing would be working with a wedding planner in the area who can handle everything for you but I know there are some brides who may want to do it on their own. If you do decide to plan everything yourself, make sure you talk to as many vendors as possible so you find the right fit. You may also consider asking the resort you’re staying at for recommendations as some have experience in helping couples with their wedding. With this I also highly recommend making a visit to the location before your wedding day. Some couples don’t do this and it seems like there are always some type of problem on their wedding day. By visiting in person you can meet with all the vendors face to face as well as see where you will have your ceremony and reception.

Having a destination wedding can really help make your big day more memorable and doing these things will help make sure everything runs smoothly.