Destination Museums: The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

Established in 2003, the famous Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum centered on the discoveries of the archaeological location of the Acropolis of Athens. The purpose of this museum is solely to protect the rich history of Greece. The museum is constructed over the remains of a portion of Roman and primitive Byzantine Athens.

Out of all the museums in the world, the renowned Acropolis is surely one of the must visit destination museums for those seeking a thrilling experience and unending adventure. A lot of tourists may wonder if this historic facility is as gorgeous as the photographs suggest, well to assure those in doubt, the Acropolis never disappoints. Timing is the only thing of essence to the tourists willing to visit this breathtaking archaeological site. Due to its popularity, the Acropolis is usually overcrowded with tourists streaming into the facility to witness history at its best. It is, therefore, advisable for visitors to avoid heading to this facility during summer. The most suitable time to visit the museum during the summer is after 5 pm. The late afternoon hours will augment your experience following the brilliant lighting that usually strikes the facility in the evening approaching hours.

The dazzling beauty of the Acropolis usually welcomes visitors right from the entrance- Beule Gate. Strolling up the museum, tourists usually get a lifetime chance to a comfortable view of the famous Greece temple known as the Parthenon. This is after going through the Propylaia commonly known as the entrance of the entrance to the Acropolis.

One of the best spots in the Acropolis is the flag located in the northeast area of the museum. At this corner, tourists are treated with a beautiful view of the city of Athens which widens infinitely underneath. The famous Olympic stadium can also be seen from this view covered with green pine like hill. Remains of the temple of the Olympian Zeus can be viewed from this same spot as well.

The impressive location of the Acropolis, its beautiful views and richness of history are not the only reasons why tourists should put this famous facility on the their list of must-visit places in the world. The Acropolis is surely the best destination museum for your family since it offers a wide variety of interactive family games such as ’’in search of the goddess Athena’’ and also the Lego Acropolis exhibit which serves best in retaining the memory of the visit to the museum among the kids.

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