Destination Museum: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum is the national Dutch museum in Amsterdam, and was built with Dutch Renaissance and Neo-Gothic styles by architect P.J.H. Cuypers. The museum is State owned and was opened in the year 1885. It’s focused on Dutch history, and was built specifically for the main purpose of displaying the greatest treasures and art in Netherlands. The museum is much larger than the Van Gogh museum which is located nearby, and houses many more works or art, though the admission cost is the same.

Located at Museum Square, the Rijksmuseum museum specializes in Dutch Masters; the oil paintings from the world famous Dutch artists such as Jan Steen, Rembrandt and Vermeer. As one of the largest art museums in Netherlands, it showcases an amazing collection of paintings, artifacts, and sculptures from various different eras. The museum has more than 1 million works of art, and boasts over 5,000 paintings, mainly by Dutch and Flemish masters of 15th to 19th century; the 17th century, (which is Dutch Golden Age), is given precedence. Works such as The Milkmaid by Vermeer, Night Watch by Rembrandt, and a self portrait by Van Gogh, are among the most famous paintings in the museum.

The museum also features a vast array of art works and objects from various other periods which shed light on the 800 years of Netherlands history. It has fascinating collections of porcelain, silverware, 17th and 18th century doll houses, and stunning furniture which shows what the canal house interior looked like. That said, it’s important to note that Rijksmuseum is the only museum on the planet which you can actually cycle through; the passage is a tunnel which goes underneath the museum, and you can get to view the atrium entrance via big glass window. Rijksmuseum’s goal is to give the tourists a real representative overview of the Dutch history and art, from Middle Ages, all through to 20th century, and also to present the most important aspects of Asian and European art.

The museum is not limited to just paintings. The Rijksmuseum added a Philips Wing, which caters to the more modern art styles, including amazing photography exhibitions. There’s also a 20th century gallery which is housed in Philips Wing and it includes many historical artifacts and objects. This museum is a must visit for anyone visiting Amsterdam.

Best Time of Year To Visit

The best time of year to visit Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam is between the months of April to May, or the months of September to November; before or after the summertime peak season. During these times, you’ll find lesser crowds.