Destination Landmarks: The Moses Bridge, Netherlands

Netherlands might be a relatively small country, but there’s plenty to do and see to keep tourists excited, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. Among the top destination landmarks in Netherlands is the Moses Bridge. The unique bridge which is located in a small village known as Halsteren in Netherlands, looks somewhat like a sunken corridor, and the waters have been parted for pedestrians to cross. It’s installed in the 17th century fort known as Fort De Roovere, and was designed by top architects namely, Ad Kil & Ro Koster.

Because the bridge is sunken deep into the waters, it is not visible from afar, and will only become noticeable when you start approaching it. In order to create such an effect, the architects chose to sink the bridge in water, and also deep in the earth on both of the moat banks. Dividing the waters just like Moses from the Bible, and allowing people to cross to the other side, the magnificent Moses Bridge is considered to be among the most fascinating and creative bridges on the face of the earth. The bridge is made of highly durable and stable Accoya wood which is treated with antifungal non-toxic coating which prevents the wood from rotting. To prevent flooding, there’s a pump located at the bottom end of the bridge which removes excess water when there’s heavy rainfall. The inspired bridge allows people to get real up close with the moat’s waters, which lap at both sides for a very surreal experience. The bridge also allows tourists to cross the waters as they go to check out the 17th century known as Fort de Roovere; one of many great fortresses built near West Brabant Waters Line region in order to prevent Spanish and French invasions. Moses Bridge basically grants access to this historic site whilst creating a magical optical illusion which appears to preserve the actual traditional purpose of the moat; that is hindering enemy access.The original idea of creating the moat around the fort which is deep enough such that it can prevent walking over it, yet shallow enough such that it can prevent enemy ships from crossing to the other side, worked perfectly at the time.

Best Time of the Year To Visit the Moses Bridge in Netherlands

In season in Netherlands is usually from mid April to mid October, with the peak season starting from the month of July to August, when the weather is at its’ finest. That said, you should know that the ideal time to visit the incredible Moses Bridge is between April to May, or September to November; that is before or after the high tourist season. During these times, you will contend with fewer crowds, you will enjoy pleasant weather and relatively lower rates.

*Photo credit: Digital Eye