Destination Landmarks: Landmannalaugar Hut in Iceland

If you are looking for a quiet family time away from home, then a visit to the small Iceland can be a great choice. The Landmannalaugar Hut in Iceland promises a unique landscape that you will never see anywhere else on earth. Landmannalaugar Hut offers you a chance to see bare sided Rhyolite Mountains that appear like a huge cake with a cream icing on it. The place is unique and might leave you thinking of it as a huge industrial accident that led to the poisoning of the land and killing everything but trust me the place is all natural.

The plains and valleys between the mountains are filled with meadow flowers and lush grasses. You will find snow patches that stay for long periods before disappearing. Everything in this place will make you feel like you’re in a small heaven. The peaks of the mountains are pearly white with birds singing and several other small creatures. The lakes, rivers and ponds in the area are pure and pristine making the area ideal for a family tour. The place is the best to travel to in summer. It has a remote campsite and accommodation hut that can accommodate several people so you can easily come with the whole family and still have enough room to stay. It is a remote area but the amenities in the huts are amazing with a shower and shop.

  • Best time of the year to visit – Visiting in the summer from late June will be okay. You get to take a bus service from Reykjavik that lasts some hours on the road, but you don’t just sit and wait to see the Landmannalaugar Hut. While on the bus you get to see some very stunning landscapes. Starting off in the lowlands and quickly moving to the dirt roads before getting to the barely discernable tracks full of lava gives a wonderful experience of this country. The hot springs that run past the campsite are a great attraction and hit the peak during the afternoon. An early morning visit just after the sunrise is highly recommended.
  • Why you must visit – Well, you have heard all the great things to see in this place, but that is not all. The place gets you right on the spot to see things you had only seen on TV. The steaming sulfur pots are a great scene but take care of the stench. If you love hiking, then you can hike the nearby mountains.

Now that you know everything great about Landmannalaugar Hut, it is time you made it your preferred destination this summer.

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